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Some where in the world (Texas), there is an Ashlee...and she is weird. JK/JK but really she is a little on the...SOMETHING...side of the world, but i love her anyway!!

Take this quiz and find out how much like Ashlee you really are...okay so you might not want to be like Ashlee (so what) take the quiz anyway. You click you take!!

Created by: Chrissi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite colors??
  2. When someone yells 'EAT A BAGEL!!' you yell...??
  3. How many times a day are you told to shut up??
  4. Do you play any instruments??
  5. How many friends do you have??
  6. What color is your hair??
  7. What is your eye color??
  8. Something Random
  9. Does Lady Gaga have a ... you know...
  11. a hot guy walks out of.... (insert place of your choice here).... you sayyyyyy-
  12. What do your friends think of you??
  13. PICK ONE!!
  14. What do you think of wearing sweats to school??
  15. When you am at a friends house how many times do you trip over the threshold?
  16. which one??
  17. what kind of music??
  18. Last one...What is...your favorite...coin...??

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