The Are You A Hippy Quiz?

Not many Hippy's are around any more. This Quiz Is to see who still is. Like livin in a technicolored van you know.But Now you canknow Now By Figuring out your hippy Q

Are you a hippy. Take this quiz and see if you can stand up to the masters see your hippy Q. Only 12 Simple Questions Nothing Personall Not like those other sites ugggh

Created by: Joel of Every Thing You Love About Pop tarts Now in a bar
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  1. You Have Used The word Far Out and Hey man In the same sentance
  2. U live In A Van Down By the river
  3. You Have Worn Tie Dye More than 5 Times a week
  4. Your Idea Of Fun is Sitting around Smoking JOints
  5. Have You Ever Lived In a commune
  6. You have Been Beaten Up By cops Once Or twice
  7. You have Been to wood stock
  8. You would of wanted to be at wood stock
  9. Your Play list Includes at least 2 of these Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beatles, Jimmi Hendrex, Led Zepplin, YardBird Or the Doors
  10. Finally Would U want to Be a Hippy

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