The Amulet Part 5

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Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. Your eyes felt very heavy and droopy, but you fought against the stupor and struggled your way up. You suddenly realized that you were on someone's back, and they were carrying you somewhere. You were about to scream, but you couldn't. You feel a rag across your mouth, so you couldn't talk. Worse, your hands were tied behind your back. You kicked the carriers back and let out muffled screams, until they finally spoke.
  2. "Really, Eva. Exactly how long will it take you to recognize us? You have been living with us for- hmmm, exactly one month, three days, twenty-two hours, seven minutes, and five seconds." You realized, suddenly, they were your trainers! 'What the hell are they doing to me?' You think. "What are we doing to you?" They repeated, reading your mind. "We have gagged you so you would not scream. You have also, in your unconsciousness, tried to hit us." You blushed. 'Can I get these off, now?' You think. "All right," they say, and the cloth fell off, including the bondages on your wrists. You take in a deep breath.
  3. "May I ask you something?" You ask sweetly. "Yes?" "I don't know your names yet." There was a slight pause. Then they answered. "My name is Silam," Said the boy with the power of spirit and air. "My name is Kamin," Said the boy with the power of fire and time. "My name is Frazin," said the boy with the power of water and luck. "My name is Monnin," Said the boy with the power of earth and space.
  4. 'Wow!' You think. "May I ask something else?" "Yes." "Well, you guys say everything at the same time. Why?"
  5. "Ah. Well, we are not actually a group. We are one person. We are just divided into four people."
  6. Suddenly, light blinded your eyes, causing a searing pain stinging through your head. When you're finally able to open them, your eyes scan a vast desert. The Sun reflected off the glittering, golden sand. The only sign of life was cacti and an occasional lizard skittering across a sand dune. That's all.
  7. "What now?" You ask them. They say nothing, and they looked as if they were in deep thought. You squirmed on _____ back, impatiently. They looked at you suddenly. "Let us continue," They say, and ______ puts you down. You are sweating in the blaring heat. The boys are far ahead of you, and your feet are sinking into the sand, making you go slow. Worse, the Sun is sucking out all the moisture in you.
  8. "Guys?" You whimper. "Yes?" "I feel very- very-" "Continue?" They started to sound concerned. In response, you tumbled forward, and your stomach lurched. A big black hole loomed in front of you, and you were sucked in. It was a portal.
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