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  • I just have 1 question...WHAT IS A WOW???

    ...ok i lied. 2nd question is, if u make a quiz that has is 4 men than y don't u say/type that on the intro? Don't u think that mayb some girls would like 2 take this quiz and not have 2 put ~pick up some chicks~ as 1 of the answers cause they had nothing 4 a girl 2 choose from?(I know i'm on the 3rd question. what can i say, I'm a bad person.) It was a good quiz, just plz remember 2 make it fun 4 both boys AND girls. thanks.

    p.s. I got 0% lol lol

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • I'm a girl. And WoW= World of Warcraft. I have Never played but Im interested in attempting.


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