The 90's kid quiz (uk)

This is a quiz for people born around 90-94. I think there's too much "90's kid" stuff on the internet, so I'm not one of those annoying people who calls themself that but I didn't know what else to call this quiz.

How much of a 90's kid are you? Find out. I need more letters to fill the space, for god sake.

Created by: magic

  1. Did you have pokemon cards?
  2. Did you have a tamagotchi?
  3. Was there a hula-hoop craze at your school?
  4. What about gel pens, did you have any? (maybe girls only)
  5. Did you know what the pink one was called in Power rangers?
  6. Remember Panda pop? Fizzy coloured drinks
  7. Did you know the macarena?
  8. There was always someone at lunchtime who had Tesco select crisps
  9. Did you have a furby?
  10. Remember the cheese strings adverts when they were new?
  11. You ate cheese strings?
  12. The small biscuits with icing on, Iced gems
  13. Was there a yo-yo craze at your school?
  14. Remember the square biscuits with chocolate in the middle and a face? (bn biscuits)
  15. Sunny delight?
  16. Did you have any of your pokemon cards stolen?
  17. Everyone liked Pikachu
  18. Remember the proper version of the coca-cola advert where the lorry drives through at christmas and the boy gets a magic one at the end?
  19. Gameboy?

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