Do i have the deal of self knowledge

There are many people in this world created by god but not all of them know themself like the great author anne frank.maybe there are some people who consider that they know themself very well soooo its a gret thing to know about yourself

Do you think you know yourself but if know than get to know about yourself by testing yourself participate in this quiz and get answers maybe it be not so correct but still challenge yourself all the best

Created by: Karuna khawas
  1. Do you know how you feel?
  2. Do you think you know yourself
  3. Are u sensible
  4. How do you make yourself happy
  5. If someone hurts you
  6. Do u know your bad habbit and good
  7. Do you like this quiz
  8. Will you comment or like
  9. Was this quiz boring
  10. Are you ecited to know the answers

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