Thanksgiving Zombie Survival

From the creator of Halloween Survival this proves if you survive{ drum roll} Thanksgiving. It's simple. most of the questions have no effect. That's why 'twas easy. And I can't have a Halloween Survival without a Thanksgiving Survival

So find out............ if you can survive. Yes, there will be a Christmas Survival. So ya might as well play this one. So the illogical quiz here will show you if you survive ....... Thanksgiving

Created by: Vicc

  1. This picks up from Halloween Survival. Okay, there is new stuff.New guns,cars,villains,etc.
  2. Guns?
  3. Car?
  4. Logic time x2 + y3 = 90 x2 + y8 = 100 what are x/y?
  5. Now for the bad guys.
  6. Oh wait
  7. Hold on
  8. Villains include: Darth Vader,Turkeyman,Madea,and Zombie # 9,999,999,999.1111222223333
  9. Now for the melee weapon?
  10. Now for EFFECTIVE questions. Who do you take first?
  11. Now for the cool part..... The End

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