Testing Your Knowledge

You may have came to our article and skimmed through it, but did you really understand it? Did you really pay attention to what you were reading? You may think somethings are not really important or you might think that you already know it. Well, how can you be sure? Now you can really test out your knowledge on the Rutherford's experiment with this very short quiz.

This quiz will test you on what you learned and possibly what you already know. Try not to look back on the article when you're doing the quiz although you may be tempted to.

Created by: Stacey and Justina
  1. What year did Rutherford begin his experiment on the atom?
  2. Who worked with Rutherford during his experiment?
  3. What did Rutherford use to shoot at a piece of gold foil?
  4. What is an alpha particle?
  5. Rutherford's theory created a whole new model of the atom, called...
  6. Rutherford was able to create his equation that determines the size of the nucleus with his calculations of...
  7. What is the nuclear force?
  8. What is the major discovery in Rutherford's experiment?
  9. Why was the Planetary Model controversial?
  10. Who published this article on the Rutherford's experiment in Mr. Balicki's Chemistry I class?

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Quiz topic: Testing my Knowledge