Test Your Sanity

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Sanity. We're all thinking about our levels of it. Are we good? Are we evil? Are there some areas of our lives or personalities we need to improve on?

This quiz isn't accurate enough for professional results, but it can give you an idea on your current sanity levels. Have a go and see for yourself! Trust me, it isn't an exam.

Created by: Danielle
  1. How impatient are you in queues?
  2. How many enemies do you have?
  3. Your favourite colour out of these?
  4. What do you prefer to do in your spare time?
  5. Have you ever loved anyone?
  6. Do you consider yourself evil?
  7. How would you react if someone you loved died?
  8. Your strongest fear?
  9. Do you believe in fictional things?
  10. Has a child ever looked at you and run away?
  11. Do you even consider yourself sane?
  12. Has this quiz helped you in any way?

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