Test Your Salvation Army Knowledge

Celebrate National Salvation Army Week May 14-20! What a fun week it's been! The Salvation Army has a storied history both internationally and here in greater Houston.

How much do you know about The Salvation Army? Are YOU a Salvation Army Superstar? Test your know-how by taking this quiz! Read our MySpace blog to prepare.

Created by: The Salvation Army

  1. Who is the founder of The Salvation Army?
  2. When was The Salvation Army founded?
  3. In how many countries is The Salvation Army at work?
  4. When did the shield symbol first come into use in The Salvation Army?
  5. How many meals can a mobile feeding unit, or canteen, provide over five to seven days?
  6. How many cents of every dollar does your Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Command channel into direct services?
  7. What was the location of the first disaster relief efforts by The Salvation Army in the United States?
  8. The Salvation Army International Corps offers free ___ and ___ classes.
  9. Children from The Salvation Army Northwest Corps submitted designs for their dream ____ , which volunteers will build on May 23.
  10. What words are on The Salvation Army flag?

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