How Army are you

There are differnt ranks in the Army or the Airforce. We did this quiz because we play Army outside with are best friends. There are 12 questions that me and my friends made up. They are hard questions. The last one is about Call of Duty 3. It is a game that is for the x box 360. So if your are playing it our about to beat the game im sorry. So take the quis and dont be scared.

Are YOU a smart guy on Army and call of duty 3? Do you have the balls to take this quiz? Take the quiz to see what rank you are. Are you a General, a lutenaer, or are u a private. Take the quiz to see. Are you scared by the headline? Take the quiz and you will laugh at the answers that we have. So take the quiz.

Created by: Mr. Guy
  2. What was the amricans used the most?
  3. Who are we fighting in this war?
  4. ya when cows moo?
  5. How many people have died over all of the wars?
  6. What colors are the forest camo?
  7. What colors are the winter camo?
  8. How important was that test?
  9. What was the date on d-day?
  10. Who is the main sargent at the end of the game on call of duty 3?

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