Test Your Random Knowledge!

Everyone knows something. But is your knowy-stuff random? Do you know stuff just because? Or is it all fact, fiction, about Movie stars? Do you take random to the extreme?

Do you know your Science? How about the Ten Most interesting facts about Kendall Schmidt? Do you read up? Or do you lay low? Take this AMAZERFUL quiz to find out!

Created by: xSprinkle

  1. In what magazine does Selena Gomez shar her Photo Diary in?
  2. If A=4, B=29, and C=92 then the following statement must equal.... A+B-C/ABxCB/Ax32-4x0-=
  3. On Disney Channel's new 'Hit' TV show, Shake it Up, the two freak siblings are Gunter and...
  4. H2O is the Periodic symbol for....
  5. Nickelodeon has made a new channel just for Teens called....
  6. Back in ---- Paul Revere went ridding out to warn the Americans that the Brittish were coming tonight.
  7. In her song 'Back to December' who is Taylor Swift rumored to be singing about?
  8. This sentence: And just who do you thinkg you are? Is an example of....
  9. According to the-top-tens what is the Number One Ke$ha song?
  10. What is Big Time Rush's star Kendall Schmidt's big DON'T on dating?

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