Test your IQ level!

Are you curious if you are an absolute genius? We'll find out by taking my quiz. You may be good and you may be bad. Since this is my first quiz, I really hope you like it!

You must be an overall genius if you are taking this quiz. You must be wondering, how high is your level, and how much your brain can handle. I wish you great luck!

Created by: Is---a Khurana / nightlock
  1. Is 145 divisible by 3?
  2. Density means the smallest building block of matter.
  3. 11 square= _______
  4. 1/2= _____
  5. Which numeral comes next in the pattern: 37,34, 31,28,__
  6. Book is to reading as knife is to _________.
  7. 1,3,6,10,15 What comes next?
  8. A design done with a lot of detail, and care. What word does this definition belong to?
  9. Which of the following words mean: Amazing, beautiful, detailed?
  10. H2O is the correct scientific form of water.

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Quiz topic: Test my IQ level!