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This quiz is for those who are bored, want to learn, or want to test their knowledge! I hope you enjoy this quiz, I spent my whole morning on this. Yeah.

Horses, you say? You've come to the right place! How about taking this quiz and testing yourself? You might learn some new things, or you'll just find out that that one article you read was completely false. Sucks that you used it for your report.

Created by: EquineFreak

  1. First of all, do you like horses?
  2. A horse can sleep...
  3. Horses can dream
  4. A horse can run shortly after birth.
  5. How long is a DOMESTIC horse's lifespan?
  6. A 19th century horse named 'Old Billy' is said to have lived how long?
  7. Horses have around ____ bones in their skeleton.
  8. Over how long have horses been domesticated?
  9. At a gallop, what is the average speed of a horse?
  10. What is the mass of a fully grown horse? (lbs means pounds)
  11. What did the horse evolve from?
  12. What is a sulky?
  13. A horse's scientific name:
  14. True or False: In 1897, the Nevada legislature passed a law allowing any citizen to shoot a wild horse on sight.
  15. A female horse:
  16. A male horse:
  17. A castrated male horse:
  18. To castrate a stallion means:
  19. When do horses stop growing?
  20. When do horses have their full mouth of adult teeth?
  21. True or False: When horses look like they’re laughing, they’re actually engaging in a special nose-enhancing technique known as “flehmen,” to determine whether a smell is good or bad.
  22. Last question: Horseback riding is-

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