Tenchu Chaos Members

This quiz is specifically targeted at members of the Halo 2 clan Tenchu Chaos, it covers their history attitudes and gameplay styles. If you are not a member, then this quiz really isn't for you.

If you are a Tenchu Chaos member, get ready to test your knowledge of the founders and regular players. These 20 questions will put your allegence to the test.

Created by: darkknightfarreg
  1. The 2 founding members of Techu Chaos were:
  2. Tenchu Chaos has history with which other Clan?
  3. Tenchu Chaos' overlord TC Dark Knigh has what for an emblem?
  4. Which Tenchu Chaos members name had been declared potentially offensive by Gamespot?
  5. Of the 4 names below, who is more likely to die first in FFA?
  6. When renaming his account, what did TC Dark Knight intend the TC stand for?
  7. The first Halo CE LAN which lead to the eventual creation of Tenchu Chaos was held at Farreg's house. Who below did not attend?
  8. Tenchu Chaos is mainly a Halo 2 Clan. In what game was the second incarnation of Tenchu Chaos formed?
  9. Tenchu Chaos' motto is:
  10. What is the Tenchu Chaos colour scheme?
  11. How many Tenchu Chaos members play as the Elite in multiplayer?
  12. What is the prefered starting weapon in Halo 2 custom games of a majority of Tenchu Chaos members?
  13. Which is the least likely weapon for Farreg to pick up?
  14. Which one of these is not a gamertag belonging to Tenchu Chaos?
  15. How many Tenchu Chaos members use the Pheonix as their emblem?
  16. Who below is not an Overlord of Tenchu Chaos?
  17. How many Tenchu Chaos members are from the USA?
  18. Who below has played the most Halo matches offline?

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