Tell Me, Am I Fat?

This is not your everyday fat quiz. THIS QUIZ IS TO TELL ME IF I'M FAT. So, I will give you some info. and i want you to answer honestly if you think im fat based on the info.

So, please take this quiz! Tell me if i am fat and leave comments with what result you got. Thanks again! I really appreciate it. Yay. I cant think of anything else to say.

Created by: Claudia Willowheart
  1. I weigh 213 pounds and I'm 17. Do you think I weigh too much!
  2. When I do the "stand up look down" test, I can't see my feet. Am I fat?
  3. I have several fat rolls. Fat?
  4. When I walk, I jiggle a LOT. Fat?
  5. I eat 4 meals a day plus snacks. Fat?
  6. I can't lose/stop gaining weight, and just keep getting fatter. Fat?
  7. People constantly tell me how fat I am Fat?
  8. My BMI is Obese.
  9. When I lay on my stomach my face cant touch the ground and I cant get up on my own.
  10. When I slapped my belly before typing this question it jiggled a lot. it's still jigging right now.

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