How well do you know one direction????

Take this quiz to find your directioner rank!! Hopefully you know your stuff, but if you don't, better luck next time! With every question comes a bit of info to learn along the way!

If you are a directioner, you will rank high, each question will be worth 10 points, as there are 10 questions. Win or lose, you get more info along the way!

Created by: WELSHIE

  1. Who is KEVIN?
  2. Namegame... What's Wrong??!
  3. Pronouce Louis
  4. Drummer?
  5. Correct Location for Louis
  6. NO!! Jimmy protested
  7. 'Zayn' was originally spelt--
  8. Fill in the blanks! It's been years and years since I've pulled the _______ card...
  9. The boys have told me I need to be a bit more ________
  10. Favorite Boy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know one direction????