Which One Direction Song are you?

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Every single One Direction song in this world is awesome, of course! Don't you agree? But this quiz is to show you which One Direction song YOU are!!!

Which song do YOU think you are? Well, just answer some questions! It won't take too long, for crying out loud! Just have fun with it and be honest is all I ask of you! Enjoy! :)

Created by: Kacie
  1. Who is your favorite?
  2. Which song is your favorite?
  3. Slow songs or up-beat?
  4. Which line is your favorite? (Please don't pick the line because it is in your fav song... Just pick the best line)?
  5. What would you most likely think if you were listening to Moments right now?
  6. What's your favorite color? (Sorry)
  7. How much do you like the song "Na na na" on a scale of 1-10 (Be honest please)
  8. Which song describes your life best?
  9. Favorite depressing word?
  10. Pick your favorite face! (This counts)

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