Teh Duncan Quiz!

Have you ever wanted to become a famous person? too bad! You have inadvertently made it to my page, and now you are stuck here looking at all the bright colors and confusing font on the backround. yeah i knew it. well your hear now and you obviously clicked on teh link so lets begin shall we

have you ever wanted to meet new people? well i am for surely a new person lol. i'm wierd hyper sometimes and i'm usually always happy. at least in person i am. Well if you think you truely know me well you should take this quiz about me, it was mostly created for comedy purposes but some are serious...ly funny lawl haha take it now nub!

Created by: Brandon

  1. What is a lie about me? (tough)
  2. What kind of car do i currently drive?
  3. When did i hit teh big 18?
  4. Who will i confess Undying love to in the near future?
  5. What is my favorite type of food?
  6. What do i do that annoys people MOST
  7. What is true about me?
  8. What is my favorite number? (hint): it came before this question
  9. Which Artist's songs do i sing in the shower?
  10. What was i for halloween last year?

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