I Love Randomness

Hi! You must be here for several reasons: 1. you clicked on the random quiz link. 2. you are bored out of your mind, and have nothing better to do. 3. your friend(s) wanted to take this quiz, and you just HAD to click on it.

4. you love these types of quizzes, and couldn't resist taking this one too. Well, for whichever reason you're here, Enjoy! And choose which answer pops into your mind first.

Created by: liz_king97
  1. Alright, here's how this quiz is gonna go: I will say a word, and you have to quickly choose something. Got it?
  2. pizza
  3. faith
  4. lightbulb
  5. ranch dressing
  6. purple polka dots
  7. December 21, 2012
  8. Hungarian Hortail
  9. 15
  10. toilet
  11. mascara
  12. candy
  13. last one: shoes

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