Teenage Love Affair (Part 15)

Part 15 is here :) It's new, improved, drama-filled, and so much more! So what are you waiting for reading this boring paragraph go read the quiz it's so much better! Oh also I added the songs in the answers again. Tell me what you think of these songs this time :D Enjoy!

The Boys: Scott – The extremely hot, dangerous spy, who has a tan, six-pack, sandy (dirt blonde) hair, and baby blue eyes. Ashton – The sensitive, nice, funny, boy with freckles, who has dark side-swept brunette hair, and crisp green eyes(Did I mention he's a spy?). Chase – The handsome, compassionate, sporty boy, who is secretly a spy, who has blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. James – The mysterious, talented, emo who has ebony black side-weeping hair with bangs covering one eye, and ocean blue eyes, deadly undercover spy. Anthony – The charming skater/surfer boy, who has somewhat long messy light brown hair and hazel eyes, who is an assassin ordered to kill you, but can't.

Created by: Julia

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  1. The stone stops glowing and the closet turns dark. “Anthony, what just happened?” you whisper to the darkness. You hear Anthony’s heavy breaths, “I….I don’t know.” Confused you try to turn on the closet light. When you switch on the lights the first thing you see is Anthony’s focused expression. “_______, whatever you do, do NOT tell anyone about what just happened here,” Anthony says quickly. You nod your head and begin to pace, “Did you know I have a sister?” Anthony, taken off guard, sucks in a breath of air, “…yes…I did.”
  2. You take in a deep breath and blurt out, “Well my sister gave me the stone.” Anthony freezes and then quickly looks up at you, “I have to get out of here.” Confused you ask, “Why? Where are you going?” Anthony gets up, “I need to go find your sister. Keep that stone safe.” You open the closet door slightly puzzled, “…okay, well be safe.” Anthony looks at you concerned, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I can’t stay away from you for long.”
  3. You stomach does somersaults as Anthony leans in and gives you a kiss. “I’ll miss you,” he says as he walks towards the door. You watch as he turns the handle and vanishes into the corridor. “Wait!” you shout as you rush towards the door, but it’s too late he’s already gone. You stare down the hallway trying to figure out what to do.
  4. Before you can decide, you hear voices coming from the library. Trying to be as stealth as possible you tiptoe over to the library door. The voices become more recognizable as you put your ear to the door. “Don’t be like this Ashton,” Audrina murmurs. “I told you to leave me the f--- alone,” Ashton says angrily. Confused, you crack the door open as quietly as possible and peak through the gap. You examine the scene in front of you; Ashton is sitting in a chair in front of a blazing fire and standing in front of the blazing fire is Audrina.
  5. The fire crackles and you can’t help, but notice that Audrina is wearing a very revealing outfit. Audrina walks over to Ashton and puts her hand on his leg, “It’s not like she’s ever cared about you before.” Ashton doesn’t even seem to notice that Audrina’s hand is dangerously close to his crotch, “Shut up. I told you I don’t care.” Audrina smiles and continues on in her silky accent, “If you don’t care about her then why don’t you kiss me?”
  6. Ashton stares at the fire, “Cause I don’t give a s--- about you Audrina. All you’ve done is lied to ________ since the very beginning. I know you two got in a fight before the accident and you’re just taking advantage of the fact that she has amnesia to suck up to her.” Audrina’s expression turns dark as she whispers menacingly, “How dare you.” Ashton snorts, “How do you think she would feel if she caught you right now?” Audrina moves her hand up to Ashton’s neck and sits on his lap, “I don’t care about her pathetic feelings.”
  7. Ashton shrugs, “Yeah I can tell by you’re b----y attitude.” Audrina sucks in a breath of air and after a pause begins to flutter her eyelashes, “Aww Ashy don’t play hard to get.” Ashton laughs, “I’m not.” Audrina smirks, “Okay well if you truly don’t love _____ prove it.” Ashton glares at her, “I don’t have to prove s--- to you.” Audrina crosses her legs and gently traces Ashton’s check with her finger, “Just one kiss…” Ashton doesn’t say anything he just continues to stare at the fire. Audrina leans closer and closer towards Ashton’s lips. You try to close your eyes, but you can’t stop watching. Then, just like that, Audrina kisses Ashton. Enraged Ashton shouts, “I SAID NO!” and pushes her to the ground.
  8. Ashton gets up and stares at Audrina lying in front of the fire, “_______ may fall for you’re innocent crap but I know what you’re up to.” Ashton flips Audrina off and then walks towards the door. Panicked you get up and walk down the hall. You hear the library door close and Ashton’s breath. “______?” Ashton calls down the hallway, “What are you doing?” Confused, you turn around, “You’re noticing me now?” Ashton pauses, “I….I guess I am?” Shocked, you can’t help, but smile, “Does this mean you’re better?” Ashton shrugs, “I hope so.” Surprised, you rush over to Ashton and give him a hug. Without hesitation Ashton hugs you back, “I’m sorry about the way I've been acting.” You let go of Ashton and look into his eyes, “It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault.” Ashton nods, “I know, but I was such a douche.” You smile, “It seems you may not fully be back to normal yet.” Ashton shakes his head, “No, I’m back…I’ve just changed.”
  9. Ashton runs his hand through his hair, “Look let me make up for the way I acted. I’ll escort you to the ‘grand return of Scott’. Then maybe after we could do something together?” You take his hand, “Yeah, I’d like that.” “Good,” Ashton says, as he leads you down the hall to the meeting room. Everyone’s head turns as Ashton and you enter the room. Chase and James exchange looks. Ashton smirks, “Yup, I’m back.” You take your seat and wait for the meeting to begin.
  10. You catch your breath when you see Scott walk into the room. He looks different; older, and weary. He walks slowly to the head of the table and does not sit down. He quickly glances at you, then turns to face everyone, and clears his throat, “Well, I found her.” The room bursts into applauds. Scott waits for everyone to stop before continuing, “She was hard to catch, but I've secured her in the waiting chambers below our building.” Many nods of approval are given at this. Ashton stiffens at your side. You glance at him and whisper so no one else can hear, “What's wrong”
  11. Ashton grips the table and just shakes his head. Scott continues, “Hopefully with much interrogation we will get the answers we need to bring justice to _______ and her parents. I have no doubt in my mind that we have caught the criminal who started this disgusting murder rampage and war. Now with this ...girl behind bars we can secure _____'s safety and the safety of the rest of her family's secrets.” Ashton stands up, “This isn't right. We have no real proof and we should let ______ decide.” Scott glares at Ashton, “We have all the proof we need. I hope you haven't forgotten the fatal incident that almost cost us half our agency. Plus how can _______ decide anything if she doesn't remember.” Ashton shouts, “Well maybe if you stopped lying to her and finally let us all tell her the truth she wouldn't be in this situation!” Scott smirks at Ashton, “Why should we worry her with stuff she doesn't remember?” Disgusted, you stand up, “Um, excuse me. I may not remember a lot, but I'm not stupid. I agreed to come here because I trusted you guys to protect me...now I'm not so sure.” Scott shakes his head, “No you agreed to come here because without our protection you'd be dead.” You stare at Scott, “You may think you're in charge around here, but I make my own decisions. I'm leaving.”
  12. Damned if they save you, damned if they don't

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