Teenage Chronicle Part 9

Welcome to part nine of Teenage Chronicle. There are two new minor characters. (Azy & Hazelfangsbite) BTW sorry Jack, Adam and Jake haven't been in the series, I'm going to change that! Oh and has any on seen Hunger Games? I just did and it's awesome! ^__^

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. . Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. “Wait..” Calisto said alarmed. “What?” I asked. “Alex, remember when we saw all the orbs in the room?” He asked Alex, who was eating pizza. “Yeah, I remember,.Those were every Immortals powers.” He said in between bites. “Remember who we ran into?” Calisto asked. I stared at Alex and saw his face turn to panic. “Erika stole her powers?”Alex yelled. “What?” I yelled back. “No, I’m not saying she did. I don’t know, but it’s a possibility.” Calisto replied. My blood started to boil. I’ve had enough of Erika’s stupid games. Just because Jake didn’t like a snake like here, you can’t blame me. “I think I know some people who could find out.” Ezra said out of now where. “Who?” We all asked. “Let me make a phone call.” Ezra said and walked out.
  2. Ten minutes later Ezra walked in. The pizza was all gone though, we were eating out anger away. Well I was at least. “They’re coming tomorrow morning.” Ezra said taking the last piece of Patch’s pizza. He growled but Ezra took it anyway. Patch and Ezra had this big brother, little sister relationship that I was kind of jealous of. Not because they were so close, but because I wish I had an older brother. I mean I have the guys, but they’re definitely not like my brothers. “Who are they?” Josh asked. “Friends of mine. They’re really experience with this stuff, and lately they haven’t had any good missions. I think we just changed that though.” Ezra smiled. I realized we’ve been up for a really long time. “What time is it?” I asked. “It’s like 1:30 something.” Alex said. “I’m to tired to be angry right now. So I’ll vent in the morning.” I said jumping off the counter. “Goodnight.” I waved at them as they returned the goodnight. I collapsed on my bed. I was so tired, and I realized I was still wearing my dress from the party. “Oops.” I muttered and changed into my PJ’s. I fell onto my bed once again and cuddled with the covers. I almost instantly feel asleep.
  3. ** I felt something kiss my lips. My eyes flashed opened and I saw Alex laying on my bed grinning. “I missed doing that.” He smiled. I laughed and pushed him. He leaned backwards and fell off the bed. “Ow.” He groaned. “Sorry.” I replied and sat on the edge of my bed staring at him. He rolled over so he was facing the ceiling. “You sure do love the floor.” I said laughing at him. He just winked at me. “What was the wake up for?” I asked. “Well partially because I just wanted to kiss you, but mainly because Ezra’s friends are here.” He said. “Oh.” I checked my phone, it was just about to hit 11. “Okay, well I have to change.” I said to Alex as I stood up. “Oh, go ahead. I don’t mind.” Alex grinned. I grabbed my pillow are threw it at him. “Get out.” I laughed. “Fine.” He frowned and then walked out laughing.
  4. I changed into a pair of shorts and a long sleeve. I realized it was saturday and I jumped a little in happiness. I was in the hall and I hear something mumbled behind me. I turned around and saw Josh mumbling at the ground. He’s not a morning person so it was always fun to mess with him. He was wearing black boxers, and of course, no shirt. I had been a long time since I last saw him shirtless. But this time my eyes were glued.His eight pack was really attractive. His green eyes looked up and saw me. “I see you staring.” Josh smiled a little. I laughed. “Nice hair.” I replied. His black hair was really messy, but he looked cute. He laughed and shrugged. We walked downstairs together. Nobody was in there so we walked into the kitchen. Ezra was sitting there by herself. “Where are your friends?” Josh asked. “They are on their way.” Ezra said. I was hungry so I went for the cereal. I poured myself a bowl and sat down.
  5. “Are you sure they can do this?” I asked. “Of course!” Ezra replied. She walked out of the kitchen and Josh sat down across from me. I heard something groan. I looked behind me and saw Patch walking in. I almost choked on my spoon when I saw him. He was shirtless, and it was the first time I have ever seen him that way. He had a six pack, but I wasn’t surprised. I’ve hugged Patch and could felt them through his shirt sometimes. But he had a nice body. He wasn’t ripped, or to skinny. In fact, he was perfect, and holy crap it was hot. Patch noticed and winked at me. I blushed. Thats the second time with in ten minutes that I’ve drooled over a shirtless guy. Well, two.
  6. A few minutes later Alex walked in, with a shirt on though. “Hey.” Josh said as he walked in. “Hi.” Alex replied sitting down next to him. “It’s cold in here.” Josh said. “Put a shirt on.” I joked. “I’ll pass. Just because I know you like to stare.” Josh grinned and Patch high fived him. I rolled my eyes. “I feel left out.” Alex said and tugged his shirt off over his head. Once again I couldn’t help but drool over his abs. Alex could definitely be a male model, being honest. He was tan and his six pack was hard not to stare at. “Okay I get it. Stop torturing me.” I covered my eyes. I heard Ezra walk back into the kitchen and squeal. “Is it my birthday already?” She giggled. “____ what are you doing? Don’t cover your eyes. Your missing the good stuff.” She laughed. I removed my hands and sighed. “Shut up.” I laughed. Ezra purred at me and I stuck my tongue out at her.
  7. I finished my cereal and put it in the sink. “Who’s washing the dishes?” I asked. “Nose goes!” Alex yelled and we all attacked out noses with our pointer fingers. Calisto walked in slowly. “Calisto is.” We all shouted out at each other. “I’m what?” He asked. ‘Shirtless’ I thought to myself. “Join the club. We’re all shirtless.” Alex smiled. “I see that.” He replied sitting at the table. “Only because ____ like to stare.” Patch added in and grinned. I studied Calisto, like I have been a lot lately. He was tan, too. His messy brown hair made him attractive, but now it was his very attractive six pack. They were torturing me, in a good way I guess. “If this situation were switched around you know you’d be staring too.” I protested. “Hell yeah.” Alex replied. I rolled my eyes. The guys laughed and agreed. I heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it.” I said. It me a reason to not stare at them and let them get the pleasure out of it. I reached the door and opened it.
  8. “Hi.” A girl said smiling. She had blood red hair, and bright green eyes. She looked very intimidating. She was on the tall side and was slim. I noticed a birthmark right above her right cheek. It was in a shape of a crescent. It looked kind of cool. “My name is Artemis.” She smiled. “Hi.” I replied. I looked over at the other girl. She had black wavy hair, and greenish blue eyes. They sort of switched between the two if you stared at them long enough. “My name is Daisy.” SHe smiled shyly. “Nice to meet you. I’m guessing your Ezra’s friends?” I asked. Artemis nodded. “Yup.” Daisy smiled. Ezra popped up behind me. “Hi guys!” She yelled laughing. “Come on.” Ezra let them walk into the house, and we led them to the kitchen.
  9. “Guys, this is Artemis, and this is Daisy.” Ezra said introducing them. The guys stopped eating and waved. “And this is Josh, Alex, Patch, and Calisto. Don’t mind them being shirtless. They like it when you stare.” I gave them a smile and the guys let out a shy and embarrassed laugh. Daisy laughed and Artemis looked confused. “Put on a shirt guys. We have company.” Ezra scowled at them and them ran to their rooms. We laughed and took their place at the table. “So whats the mission?” Daisy asked. She seemed really outgoing just by the way she talked. “It involves Erika.” Ezra said. “I’m in.” Artemis said. She must of not liked her. Ezra grinned and looked at Daisy. “Me too.” She replied. “Great, well we’re not sure, but we think Erika might of took _____ powers.” Ezra explained. “I think I know where we could find her.” Daisy said to Artemis, and she nodded in return. “We’re going to go try and track her down.” Daisy said. Artemis seemed really quiet. Ezra nodded at led them to the door.
  10. I walked out to the living room with the guys. “Hey.” They greeted me. “Hi.” I said and sat down. “We’re running out of food anyone wanna go to the store with me?” Calisto asked. “Me!” Patch, Alex and I offered. “Awesome, let’s go.” He said. “Let me tell Ezra.” I said and walked to the door first. “Hey Ezra, we’re going to the store.” I said to her. She nodded in response because she was drinking water. Patch, Calisto, Alex and I walked to the car. “I dibs driving.” Calisto said. “Damn.” Alex said and threw him the keys. “Shotgun!” I called. “Damn again.” Alex said. We all got in the car and Calisto started driving. “Do you know how to get there?” He asked as he began driving. “Yup, go that way.” I directed him the way to the store. Alex, who was sitting behind me, kept playing with my hair. “How do you braid?” He asked as Calisto pulled into the parking lot. “I’ll have to teach you sometime.” I joked and go out of the car.
  11. We walked into the store and I instantly feel in love. I’ve drove past here, but I’ve never actually walked in. Ezra usually did the shopping. “Let’s split up.” Calisto said. “I dibs _____.” Patch and Alex said and the same time. “Hey, you can’t dibs me.” I replied. “I’m going with Calisto.” I stuck my tongue out at them. “I’m stuck with him?” Patch jerked him thumb towards Alex who have him and offended look. “Looks like you are.” I smiled and went to go get a cart. “I’m stuck with the pretty girl.” Calisto said following. “Is that a bad thing?” I laughed. “Actually, no. It’s a really good thing.” He smiled. “Good.” I smiled back at him. We grabbed a cart and walked down the aisles. We literally filled the cart up to the top, and it was all junk food. “We are going to die stuffing our faces.” I said pushing the cart. I jumped on the cart wheeling my self down the aisle. “Maybe, but at least we’ll die happy.” Calisto said putting his arm on either side of the cart so that he was pushing me. I was standing on the carts bottom and Calisto was standing behind me, but really close, and he was pushing me around the store. We were laughing really hard, and everyone was watching us, but I didn’t care.
  12. “Woah!” We crashed into another cart and I jerked forward. Luckily Calisto grabbed me from falling into the cart. I steadied myself to see who we had hit. “Watch were you goi- oh hey ____” I saw Alex sitting in the cart covered with about of junk food and Patch was pushing him around. “Looks like we both wanted to be pushed around.” I said laughing. “We should go pay.” Calisto said. We all nodded and walked up to the front to pay, well except for Alex who was still sitting in the cart, being pushed my Patch. We got in line, and Alex stood up dropping food everywhere and jumped out. The good part is that there weren’t many people here. The cashier kept eyeing us, and she looked really familiar. “You realize this is going to be like 200 dollars” I said waiting in line. Patch shrugged. “We’ve got the money.” He said. I was true. Patch spent most of his time playing, and betting on poker and pool. He was really good so he could easily make any kind of money.
  13. We got up to the register and I started unloading everything. “Hello,” The cashier said. I looked up. “You work here too?” I scoffed. It was the girl who hit in the guys yesterday. “I’ve got three jobs.” She said. “I see.” I continued to unload the food. I saw that Patch and Alex went to a cashier way further down. It was faster, so that was smart. She saw Calisto and smirked to myself. “I was expecting that phone call.” She said to Calisto. He looked at her, and I saw a wth look. I held back my laugh. “Uh, I was busy.” Calisto replied avoiding eye contact. I glared at her. “Your girlfriend looks jealous.” Cyndonia flashed me a dirty look. What was up with girls always being jealous of me and the guys? I meant there was Rachel, Erika, and now here? Calisto looked at me and then at her. “She’s not my-” “Well his girlfriend,” I emphasized the girlfriend. “doesn’t appreciate low class girls flirting with him.” I smiled at her. “Low class? Excu-” “Save it.” I snapped. We finished unpacking and she growled to her self. “215 dollars.” She grumbled. Calisto handed her the money. I finished putting all the food in the cart and we left as soon as we got the change. I heard her yell something as we walked away but I just gave her the finger.
  14. “That was awesome.” Calisto said smiling. I shrugged. “She annoyed me.” I replied. “Well, thanks. Hopefully she’ll leave me alone now that she thinks I have an amazingly beautiful girlfriend.” I saw him smiled at me from the corner of my eye. I couldn’t help but blush, and I covered it by smiling. “Thanks.” I replied. We caught up with Patch and Alex who were still packing. “Done.” Alex said throwing the last bag of food into the cart. “Let’s go.” Patch said and we walked past the doors as they slid apart. We walked outside and it was freezing. I didn’t expect it to be this cold. Thats when I looked up and saw a shadow, well ‘protector’. I remembered how Lucy said they were people who died and passed away and became proctors. “___.” I heard it whisper my names. It would of sent chills up and down my spine, but this voice was so soft, and soothing. “Do you guys see that?” I asked. “See what?” Alex asked. “The shadow.” I pointed in front of me. “I haven’t seen on of those in a long time.” Alex said. I felt relieved that they could see it, too. “Can you talk to them?” I asked. “Thats impossible. Well its not, but it’s really rare when they do. Only certain people can speak to them. Other wise it only happens when the protectors want to tell you something.” Calisto said. “Its talking to me..” I said slowly. I heard the voice again. “My son.” The female voice whispered. “Whats it saying?” Patch asked. “Shh.” I said back. “Son?” I asked. “Calisto.” She said in a calm voice, and my heart dropped. She’s dead?

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