Teen baby or diaper lover?

This is a quiz to find out if your a teen baby or diaper lover!! Don’t be embarrassed it’s okay to be a wittle baby who needs there mommy/daddy to change them and treat them like the wittle baby you are!Or if you just loveee diapys you’ll still need a mommy/ daddy to change you ;)

I have to have more letters so just don’t read this kill. Also if you do read make sure you share all your cute little embarrassing stories for everyone to see!!

Created by: Dahlia
  1. What sex are you?
  2. Do you often find yourself wanting the attention babies have?
  3. What’s ur age
  4. If one of your friends started babying you and going to far they tell you to wear diapers/onesie what would you do
  5. What do you wear to bed?
  6. If your parents came into your room and told you,you wear getting a punishment for being a bad boy/girl and put you in a thick diaper and put you in a baby onesie and took you to the mall and made you wet your diaper and suck a paci what would your reaction be
  7. Isn’t this quiz long
  8. Almost done, have you wet the bed in the past week? If so do you use diapers ect.?
  9. Almost doneeee
  10. Are you wearing a diaper rn? :)

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