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A true tf2 quiz. Do you know your tf2? Are you a losing F2P or are you a real pro? Take the quiz and find out! Easy and hard questions! You won't be disappointed!

This is a Tf2 quiz, that covers almost all! Find out if you are a smarty or a dummy in the world of tf2! Easy and hard questions, you will be challenged! (hopefully) Take it now!

Created by: Nicklas Fritzen
  1. How many playable classes are there in TF2?
  2. How many teams are there in TF2?
  3. How many refined metal does it take to make a random hat?
  4. How many slots, in which you can equip stuff, does a single character have?
  5. What was Spy's first hat?
  6. How do you obtain a Genuine Quality item? (Except trading)
  7. How do you obtain Vintage Quality items? (Except trading)
  8. If you have owned the game, since the release, what medal do you then have?
  9. What is "Big Kill" ?
  10. What is FaN?
  11. What color is the bomb-cart?
  12. What class owns most hats?
  13. How many paints does there exist?
  14. Is it possible to obtain a Vintage lumbricus lid?
  15. How do you obtain Unusual Quality items? (Except trading)
  16. If you receive a wiki cap, what quality is it then?
  17. How many dollars did a "Magnanimous Monarch" cost?
  18. How could you obtain a Vintage Crusaders Crossbow?
  19. When the polycount update launched, how many items could you trade in a single trade?
  20. Which of these hats, are not a promo hat?
  21. What is the highest level possible?
  22. What is the lowest level possible?
  23. What is the name of a critical rocket?
  24. Lets get some hard questions! In how many ways is the "The Righteous Bison" obtainable?
  25. How many dollars does "Ali Babas Wee Booties" cost?
  26. How many duels do you have to win to get a silver dueling badge?
  27. Which item is not a part of an item set?
  28. Which of these, is not a soldier item set?
  29. Which of these items is not allowed in medival mode?
  30. Final question! In cp_mann_manor, how many pumpkin health pickups is there?

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