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Hey there!Today you will talk to Shadowla (my OC)!Sorry but I have to do some things so I won't be here untill like the end of the quiz depending how long the conversation is.See you later! *walks away to somewhere*

Shadowla:*walks in*Hello there!Are you ready...for Freddy? (lol) Sorry.I wanted to do some puns but I can't.So umm...Let's begin,shall we?Oh and please don't be rude during the quiz ok?

Created by: Savannah
  1. Shadowla:What would you like for me to call you
  2. Shadowla:Ok then (y/n).What is your favorite color?Shoot me if you want ok?!
  3. Shadowla:Who is your favorite youtuber?
  4. Shadowla:Out of these four from Venturiantale,which one is your favorite
  5. Shadowla:Pick a random word!
  6. Shadowla:Bye!
  7. Shadowla:I was kidding!
  8. Shadowla:Who is your favorite teen titan from Teen Titans Go?
  9. Shadowla:Who is your favorite boy animatronic from fnaf?
  10. Shadowla:Now the girls
  11. me:*walks in*Hey!Vincent needs us Shadowla so you gotta finish the quiz now! Shadowla:Bye!

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