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Sorry but my friends will talk and not me.So Shadowla and Midnight will ask you questions to decide which story you got.Midnight might act crazy during the quiz so watch out!!!!!!!!!! :P

Shadowla:There are THREE stories.You will know only ONE of these stories(unless you take this quiz again).Which story will you get?Take the quiz and find out today!!!!!!!!!! :)

Created by: Savannah
  1. Shadowla:What is your favorite video game out of these?
  2. Midnight:Who is your favorite villan out of these?
  3. Shadowla:What is your favorite place to hang out?
  4. Midnight:Are you a fan of scary things?
  5. Shadowla:Favorite character?
  6. Midnight:What is your favorite color?Don't take a step closer.*pulls out a machine gun*
  7. Shadowla:What is your favorite weapon?*pulls out a knife and grins*
  8. Midnight:Who is your favorite creepypasta?
  9. Shadowla:Do you like puns/jokes?
  10. Midnight:Bye!
  11. Shadowla:She fooled ya!(unless you picked c)FATE!!
  12. Midnight:Freebie
  13. Midnight:KAWAII

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Quiz topic: My story (video game story)