take this test coz it's cool!

look, you'd better take this test coz it is AWESOME!!! i love that word "awesome" at the moment. i keep imagining it with the accent of Owl City and other american accents and it sounds so cool (im english)

Please answer as truthfully as you can with teh answers given. i know it might not have EVERY option but i've had a good go. please please comment and rate. tahnks!!

Created by: floss

  1. Heya!! ;)
  2. What mood are you mostly in?
  3. Do you like other people?
  4. Pick the best colour/s out of these:
  5. in lessons do you put your hand up?
  6. pick your favourite
  7. how would you describe yourself?
  8. how many people do you talk to on a daily basis (apart from family)?
  9. why did you take this test??
  10. are you ready for your result??
  11. Please comment and rate
  12. thanks for taking the test!!

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