Take this quiz if you DONT LIKE SCHOOL!

Take this quiz if you doooo nnnnoooottt like school I know I dontt so please take this quiz if you dont like school you will diffenitly understand what I am taking about.

umm I dont know what else to say ummmm school is werid and please take this quiz please and at the end please rate and comment ummmmm I D K.TAKE THIS QUIZZ PLEASE.

Created by: CierraM
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  1. Sometimes school feels like torcher!
  2. When I walk in I scearm in my head!
  3. I wish every school day was a half day!
  4. I mean you have to be there or 7 hours 7 hours!
  5. I crazy and you have to go because its a laaawww!
  6. Your wasting sleep when you go there, you could be lying in the bed sleepin!
  7. I just dont understand it.
  8. And its 5 days a week you get 2 days off and than go right back!
  9. Its crazzzyyy..
  10. If you dont like school please comment.
  11. Whats your opinion on school.

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