How dumb are you?

about 25% of te wordls population are regular. you need to work extra hard on school work, so to speak. You need to take this quiz, though. if you do you can know the real inside you. this is one of my first quizes so i am sorry if you dont get the score you entened to get. well, i dont know everyting so please dont base this on your normal life.

ARE YOU DUMB, or $uper$mart? if you are smat you can read this. maybe you are not what you expected. I think my score was 95% smart!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this quiz is for you so i think you should really try it .

Created by: Ms. undetectible

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  1. ussaly you get a wht on your test?
  2. you is 7 times 8 54?
  3. what are the colors of the flag?
  4. 55+22=
  5. Gratitude means
  6. Pie is the best food in the world. is this a stament, opinon or a guess?
  7. Hi.
  8. you are a brainiac
  9. do you like this quiz?
  10. do you want your answers?
  11. REALLY?
  12. OKAY.

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I?