Tails Doll Appearance

People say Sonic R is CURSED. So I tried it and I got sick from it. If you played,seen or heard Tails Doll this Quiz is one of easy Quizs of all time. Sonic R was Tails Doll frist and last game. So...uh...yeah anyway the Quiz is easy thanks.

Who knows what will happend if he was real. Dont ever say becuase someone someday will just wake up and buld a Machine like that so. Becareful about what you say ok.

Created by: Zonic

  1. Who is Tails Doll?
  2. What does Tails Doll look like?
  3. Is Tails Doll real?
  4. If he was real. What will you do?
  5. Whats is his real name?
  6. Whats was his frist and last Appearance
  7. Is Tails Doll alone?
  8. Who would win Tails or Tails Doll?
  9. Can you feel the SUNSHINE? What game is that from.
  10. How fast is Tails Doll?

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