Barbie or Bru? What Kind of Doll Are You?

So many dolls, so little focus in your collection? Take our quiz and match your hidden likes with doll types. You may be surprised what your answers show. Have no fear - it won't go on your Permanent Record...unless you display it. Heh.

So, do you have a little Barbie, a little Bru or a Cool Collector within? Find out here through a series of deceptively simple questions. If you already know what kind of doll you are...why are you taking this quiz??

Created by: Spinja
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You favourite season is
  2. Choose your favourite colour scheme
  3. Favourite dessert
  4. Best world capital
  5. Kiss on the first date?
  6. One ideal vacation pastime
  7. Best dog breed
  8. Your favourite school era - fondest memories of.
  9. Best movie series
  10. Choice domestic pet

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Quiz topic: Barbie or Bru? What Kind of Doll am I?