Are you barbiefied?

This quiz was made too seperate the band geeks and the prepp's. It was made to make people realise who they are and what they are. and to show what you think about yourself on a high low basis...It is not necissarily a good thing or a bad thing to be what everybody considers to be the barbie doll steroe type.

Do you think you're barbiefied or not, the only way you'll know is to take my quiz, I promise you'll love the only takes about two to two and a half minutes to take.The results are fantastic.and thanks to my great quiz you can actually trully find out if you are the barbie doll stereo type.

Created by: Carolynn

  1. Do you often hear that you look like a barbie doll.(weither its good or bad)
  2. Do you have more than 4 pair of shoes?
  3. do you ever buy your clothes from abercrombie and finch?
  4. Do you ever get your nails done,professionaly?
  5. do you consider a botox proffesionalist as a doctor?
  6. how much makeup is too much?
  7. what kinda quy do you like?
  8. how well off do you see yourself in money!!!!
  9. do you play sports?
  10. ok last question, do you consider yourself a barbie doll?

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Quiz topic: Am I barbiefied?