Sweet Heaven Part 1

This is about you meeting two guys one named Caleb and one named Luke.Basically they both like you.And on this one your dating Luke and Caleb popped up.

And thats really all he had to do.In this quiz you guys are kind of complete cheaters over two hot guys.I'm ashamed of you for cheating. ok sorry i no its me who made you like this.

Created by: Penelope236

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  1. Your walking home from school and theres a really cute guy that has floppy, brown hair with a blonde streak in.He has hazel eyes and a warm smile.
  2. He starts to speed up to talk to you.He finally gets to you and says "Hi,My names Luke".you say "hi, my names _____".
  3. Luke asks you out and you say yes.You get so excited for tonight, you start worrying about what to wear.you finally decide a blue floral top with a satin belt and some black skinny jeans.
  4. Luke picks you up round 10 and takes you to his friend's party.You dance with him for half an hour.You go to the loo but as your comin back.A hot guy with short,blonde hair and velvet green eyes walks up to you and says his names Caleb.He thinks your really pretty and wants to go out with you.You dont no what to do so you just give him your number.
  5. You go back to Luke and dance some more.Later you and him go home when 7 minutes of heaven starts.He smiles at you when you get in his car and you both start to talk about the party.Luke asks if your free tommorow nite and u say yes so he says he will take you to the movies.Then you step out of the car and he both give each other a air kiss.
  6. When you get back into the house the phone is ringing and you answer it.When you do you find out its Caleb.He asks you out for tomorrow and you nearly say yes til you remember Luke and ask to day it the day after.Caleb is fine with it but its now nerve-racking for you.Thoughts start to run through your mind like wat if Caleb sees me with Luke or the other way round.
  7. The next day you go to the movies with Luke and see Eclipse.You both really like it and head round to the coffee shop and b4 u go in u saw Caleb.U start freakin out and try to pull Luke to another coffee shop.
  8. Luke asks u wats rong so u say it takes forever to get a good coffee.You start 2 make ur way across the road.U can c the hurt in Lukes eyes as u drag him away but its betta 2 b safe than sorry.
  9. As you both buy ur coffees and sit down Luke admits that he really likes u and wants 2 b ur boyfriend.He really wants u 2 make up ur mind.He told u 2 think bout it.
  10. k now u hav 2 wait til the nxt 1 2 c the end of ur date with Luke and ur date with Caleb.

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