Survey: Does My Crush Like Me?

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So, my crush has been giving me some very conflicting signs lately and I can't tell whether or not he's interested in me. This quiz is a survey to see what other people think of my crush's opinion of me.

Do you think I should give up and move on, or take a chance and ask him out? Well, that's up for you to decide as I give you real scenarios I've been through with my crush, and it's up to you to decide whether he hates me, likes me, or loves me! I did this to get a point of view from someone on the outside because sometimes my feelings blind me from the truth and it takes someone else to tell me the truth.

Created by: leatherjacket
  1. Okay, so this quiz will be a survey for me, leatherjacket, to see if people think my crush likes me or not...thanks for the feedback!
  2. Okay then, let's get started: my crush suddenly sits next to me at lunch but talks to me only a little during lunch...?
  3. My crush sits behind me in English class (one of the two classes we have together) and we talk, goof off, and laugh the whole period-even when all his friends are on the exact opposite side of the room...?
  4. At a field day type thing, he sat next to me and messed with me the whole time (i.e. threw grass, shot rubber bands, made me laugh, etc.)...?
  5. (By the way, I really appreciate you doing this). I sometimes see him looking at me, or at least in my direction periodically throughout the day...?
  6. His friends have suddenly taken an interest in me and are now my friends...?
  7. He hates all other girls in our school except for my best friend, but he pays way more attention to me than her even...?
  8. He's told me some pretty personal things, but at the same time, his voice stayed casual and then he moved on to act stupid like usual...?
  9. He always likes to mess with one of his friends, and always "hires" me to help him take and hide his stuff, etc.
  10. He says hi in the hallways sometimes, but when I say hi back, he acts surprised and almost creeped out...?
  11. He's always trying to get me to laugh by doing stupid things, and I notice him looking back at me for my reaction...?
  12. One time, he went to do something, and I took his seat, but he had no reaction whatsoever towards me...
  13. Last question, my crush hasn't made any attempt to get my phone number or to go out but we've been this close for a few weeks...?
  14. Okay guys, first off, thanks for taking my quiz! This quiz will give you scenarios to see if you can tell when a guy likes you

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