Supernatural Studies part 8

Hello! I know a few of you wanted the descriptions of the guys again so I'll write those in the second paragraph. I hope you enjoy this! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Xander: He has short dirty blonde hair, sea green eyes, and cute slightly tanned skin. Vincent:He has dark brown to black wavy short hair with icy blue eyes that pierce into your soul! Lol! Jimmy: Personally, my favorite look. He has really nice teeth, auburn hair and greenish bluish eyes that have a ring of orange around the pupils.

Created by: Mockingbird

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  1. I really tried not to. I told myself I could get fired from Mae's and Churros. But sadly, I didn't have that much self control. I don't remember much, one of those gaps in my memory. What I do remember is tackling Eve and smacking her repeatedly. I know, it seems like overkill, but to me it was barely satisfying my anger. A few of the staff members pried me off of Eve who was crying. But it's not like she was hurt or anything, she just wanted to make me look even worse. Brat. Almost everyone in Mae's was staring at me, and the ones who weren't were in the bathroom. Mae, who was surprisingly very calm about it, maybe she remembered a total witch she used to know in high school, told me that I was fired from Mae's, and she would be talking to her sister. Crap. Now not only was I fired, probably from both jobs, but I would have a heck of a time finding another, because I'm sure by the end of the week tops, the entire town would know what happened. I didn't even have the chance to strangle Eve. Then I was "escorted" by several staff members outside and to the bus stop. I entirely regretted attacking Eve. Not only would I not be able to get a job, but Dr. Bennet would hear of my mishap and be all the more convinced that I was crazy. Heck with Dr. Bennet, all of Forest Richmond would know, and even my friends would think I was crazy. A few silent tears slid down and off my face as I waited for the bus to arrive. What was going on with my my life? Maybe I was going crazy. The bus pulled up and I got on sadly. The staff members returned to Mae's and I was alone for the entire ride back. When the bus stopped I got off and trudged through the darkness to Ivory.
  2. I walked up two flights of stairs to get to the top floor, where I realized I was the only resident. I opened my door and walked in. I locked the door and went over to my bed, where there was a basket with a note on it. I read the note which said, 'Dear _______, you left your door unlocked, so I sneaked this in. Sorry about what happened. Here's a little dorm warming present! Love, Miranda. P.S. I know you stole my shampoo!' In the basket was a bottle of cinnamon shampoo, candy of various sorts, a really fluffy blanket, and medium sized stuffed bear. At least Miranda still liked me. Though that might have been before I attacked Eve, so she might have second thoughts. I opened up a bag of pretzel m&ms and sat down on my new bed. At least I didn't have to go through unpacking again. I took out my satchel and dumped its contents on the bed, I wanted to make sure nothing was left in Miranda's room. I checked over the things several times. Lemon lip gloss, I know, weird, but it's more of a candy lemon, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, some pencils and a notepad, I always have those with me in case I need to write something down, a small mirror, and my book. I had everything. Great. I would have used anything as an excuse to go visit Miranda. But why couldn't I? It's not like there was some magical spell or punishment if I talked to her. It's not like she hated me. I got up and walked down the stairs. When I got to Miranda's room I knocked on the door. "Miranda?" I said, "Can I come in?" No response. Maybe she was in the shower, but I didn't hear water running. I looked at the bottom of the door to see if there were any lights on. Nope, I guess she was out.
  3. I walked back up stairs. I was disappointed that she wasn't there, but why should she be? It was only eight. When I got back to my room I saw that the door was open. I frowned, I closed and locked it before I left. Maybe it wasn't all the way closed and it swung open because of the wind. The wind. Why was the window also open? I walked in to investigate. The door closed right behind me. Crap. I turned around but there was nothing there. I went to the bathroom to check my reflection. But there wasn't a Calamity in the mirror. I saw the girl I saw in my dream whose name was Amber in the mirror. She smiled at me and winked, then she disappeared. I didn't feel frightened, actually, I felt comforted by her presence. It was like she was reassuring me. Maybe I wouldn't be alone. What the heck was I talking about? I thought that a fourteen year-old girl from a dream I had would keep me company? Why did I keep seeing people? I exited the bathroom and gasped, Amber was sitting on my bed. She laughed, her laughter sounded melodic. She got up, walked over to the door, and motioned for me to follow her. I wasn't so sure about it, I mean, following some random girl who had somehow gotten into to my room and mirror didn't seem like such a good idea. But my first instinct was to trust her so I did follow her. Amber ran, if you can call what she did running, it seemed more of a fast float, out of Ivory and across the soccer field. I had to sprint to keep up with her. She kept going until she reached the woods that were on one side of campus. She checked to make sure I was still there, and smiled. Then she ran into the woods, me still right behind her.
  4. "Where are we going?" I asked. Amber just shook her head and slowed to a walk. Maybe she couldn't talk. We came to a soft spongy clearing in the woods and Amber looked very pleased. "Now what?" I queried. Amber walked over the clearing and motioned me to follow her. I was about to take a step when something knotted in my stomach and told me this wasn't right. Something was wrong. Amber motioned again for me to come towards her, perhaps a little more urgently. I shook my head. "No, something's not right," I said uncertainly. Amber sighed. She came toward me and took my hand, and hers felt abnormally cold and started pulling me with her. "_______, what are you doing?!" I heard a voice shout. I snapped away from Amber, who looked very angry. Her normally light brown hair turned a dark gray, and her eyes went red. Her skin started sagging off like she was decomposing and I could see her fingernails sharpening. She hissed and started choking me. "_______!" I heard another voice yelled. The remains of what looked like Amber disappeared with a laugh that sounded nothing like her old, melodic one. It sounded cold and somewhat screechy. I slumped down on a ledge of a rock, which was apparently where I was standing the whole time, not flat soft spongy ground. Beyond the rock was a swampy marsh that had many jagged rocks sticking out. If I had gone any further I would have fallen and died immediately, or would be seriously injured but no one would find me, and eventually I would die. "_______, oh thank goodness you're okay," said a nearby voice, "I thought the Imitation had killed you." Tara and Jimmy appeared, along with a girl I'd never met. They were all staring at me strangely.
  5. "Are you hurt?" asked the girl, seemingly concerned. "No, I think I'm fine, but what was that?" I said, thinking of the thing that had just attacked me, gosh, less than a week at school and I'd been attacked twice. "That was an Imitation, it was trying to kill you, as you probably guessed," Tara said. "What are those?" "Imitations are basically what they sound like, exact copies of people you probably love or trust, and they usually are commissioned to kill you." explained Jimmy. "Who did the Imitation look like?" "I don't know, I don't remember ever seeing someone like the Imitation, except for in a dream," I said, "Well, minus the part where its skin fell off and the eyes went red." The girl who I didn't know frowned, "Well that's distasteful." I smiled. "Well anyway, how did you guys know I was here?" I asked. "Well, I saw you leaving Ivory, because I was going to drop something off, and I didn't see anything but I figured something was wrong because you had a weird look so I called Jimmy, because he knows a lot about that kind of thing, and we got there just as you were about to jump into a rocky swamp. Oh yeah, and I brought Gwen along because she's my roommate and wanted to meet you and stuff," Tara explained quickly. I looked at Gwen. She had short, curly, dirty blonde hair, with light green eyes and a few freckles. "I'm Gwen, if Tara wasn't obvious enough," she said. "_______," I said. We shook hands. "So, umm, maybe we should get back on campus, because we aren't really allowed around here," Jimmy said. We all agreed and strolled back to Ivory. "I think I'll walk you in," said Tara, "Mind if me and Gwen come in?" I shook my head. "Uh, I guess I'll see you around," said Jimmy, "Goodnight."
  6. Me, Tara and Gwen walked up to my room where the window was still open. "You guys can go if you want, I'd prefer it if you didn't, but....." I drifted off, waiting for an answer. Tara looked at me incredulously, "Seriously? Why would we go?" she asked. I shrugged. "I don't know, but if you're going to stay feel free to help yourself to some candy," I said pushing the pretzel m&ms towards Gwen. "Are you the only student that lives up here?" she asked. I nodded. "Yeah, it kind of freaks me out, I mean if I get attacked again no one will here my screams," I joked, but Gwen seemed to take it seriously. "What if that did happen? What would you do?" "I'm not sure, but I'd probably do what I do best, kick butt!" I said. This seemed to lighten Gwen's mood and she chuckled. "So, you're Tara's roommate, right?" I asked Gwen. She nodded. "Yeah it's kind of odd, I live in Ember, which is the dorm where girls tat can control mostly fire go, and my brother lives in Ash, which is the same thing, except with guys." "Who's you're brother," I inquired. "Xander comemings," she said. I almost choked on my m&ms. "What? But you're so nice and he's so...." She laughed. "Yeah I know, he has quite a reputation with the ladies, and I always tease him about it, actually I teased him about you once," she said. I raised my eyebrows. "Me? Really?" "Yeah, actually, it was a few days ago. He was telling me about the pretty new girl and I was teasing him about having a crush. Which annoyed him a lot. It was kind of weird the way he talked about you, it wasn't the same way he talked about other girls."
  7. "Oh," I said. Maybe I was wrong about him. Then again, he probably goes through phases quickly. "Well, we have classes tomorrow, and plus, I was told you have training instead of normal school. So you're going to need all the rest you can get," said Tara. "Goodnight." Tara and Gwen left leaving me alone besides Twix, who was fast asleep on her bed. I realized I was wearing my work uniform that was covered with dinner, that's why they were staring at me weirdly. I got changed into some wicked witch pajamas and turned off the lights. I didn't remember my dream at all. When I woke up it was because I heard someone in my head. "It's time for training!" said a voice in my head, "Come to the front of Ivory and we can start, but make sure you change into exercise clothes first." I obeyed the voice and got changed into some running pants and a t-shirt. After I fed Twix, I put on some sneakers and left Ivory. In front, there was a woman in her thirties, who looked quite fit. "Good, you aren't stupid, that will make things go faster, come on," she said walking towards the soccer field. "You may address me as Coach Walters or simply Coach, I'll be in charge of your training today which is the physical portion, alright, let's stretch." she continued. We stretched for about twenty minutes which I thought was overkill be Coach assured me it was just barely enough. Then she made me run, for a really long time. When she told me I could stop running I basically fell over. "Impressive, most students would drop halfway through. Alright we can take a short break," she said.
  8. For the rest of the day, she made me do several exercises including a dance routine, which I was fairly good at. She scribbled several things down on her clipboard and said, "Well, you don't appear to have any physical Skills, I mean you have good stamina, are a fast runner, and a good dancer, but not at Skill level. And I was told you had dark blue blood, maybe you have mind control or something like that. Well anyway, you can go. I'll see you tomorrow." A very sweaty me returned to Ivory where a few girls were putting up posters on the board. They saw me, and hurried away whispering. Yup, I was right, everyone thought I was crazy. I looked at the posters they were putting up. It was for a Halloween party. Well, I'd go, but everyone would avoid me because of what happened at Mae's. Actually, if it was a Halloween party, I could wear a mask and no one would know it was me. I thought over this idea as I walked back up to my room. It was three thirty. I had the entire day. I took a shower using the cinnamon shampoo, and dried off. When I looked in the mirror for any mysterious figures I realized I was walking without the charmed shoes. I hadn't even noticed I could get up and run and stuff without feeling weird like something was holding me up. I got changed and realized I might still have work. Shoot! I quickly got changed into my clean uniform, Gwen had washed it and left a note, and hurried to the bus stop.
  9. The bus pulled up a few minutes later and I was relieved to see Hummus was driving. "Hummus!" I said. "Hello girlie, how've ya been?" he asked. "I've been fine. Where have you been?" "I had taken a few personal days off," he said. Something told me that was all I would get out of him. "Okay," I said, "Well, it's good to have you back." I sat down in the front row in case he decided to elaborate on his recent disappearance, but he said nothing. The bus arrived in town and I reluctantly got off the bus. I walked into Churros which was thankfully empty. Katelyn was wiping down the counter. "Umm, Katelyn," I said quietly. Katelyn looked up and smiled. "Good you're here, I wasn't sure if you'd show up or not, well, since no one is really here to serve, you can do the dishes." I stared at her, amazed. "Y-you mean I'm not f-fired?" I asked. "Of course not, I heard about what happened from Mae, and we both agreed we probably would've done the same thing to a nasty girl when we were in high school, so we've both let it go, now, those dishes won't do themselves," she said. I rolled up my sleeves and put on an apron so I could do the dishes. "But that doesn't mean you should do it again," she said. I was too grateful to even think about doing it again. I scrubbed the dishes and talked to Katelyn who was sipping her coffee and reading the newspaper. "Okay, this is probably not good thing to ask, but what was Eve's face like?" she asked. I laughed. "Really shocked, probably the first time anyone's ever stood up to her."
  10. "I really am sorry about that by the way, is there any way I could make it up to Mae?" I asked. "It's fine, she actually said she had a hard time not laughing, everyone was so shocked their expressions were comical." Katelyn said. I finished doing the dishes and dried off my hands. It was an extremely slow day, almost no one showed up, and the people that did were taking things to go, so there wasn't much of a point for me being there.Katelyn showed me how to do everything. I was idly mopping the kitchen floor when I heard a cell phone ring. Katelyn picked it up. "Hello? Yes. What? Great. Okay. I'll be right there." I heard a beep of her ending the call. "_______, I have to go, Mae needs help with something at our apartment and I won't be back until tomorrow, I'm leaving you in charge while I'm in charge, the key's on the cash register, lock up before you leave, oh and I have another employee coming in, if you could show her the ropes that would be great." Katelyn said as she left. I quickly finished mopping and went to the cash register. I put the key in my apron pocket and took a look around. Still no customers. I wiped off all the tables and set them in case anyone came by. Still no one. It's a good thing I had a book in my satchel. I took out The Magician's Nephew and proceeded to read. It was six when I looked up because someone had entered the shop. Gwen. "Gwen!" I shouted. "Hey, I'm here for my first day of work, sorry I'm late." she said smiling. I crossed my arms. "I think I'll be able to let it slide this time," I said chuckling. I taught Gwen how to do everything and by the time I was finished it was seven thirty. "We close in about half an hour since it's a weekday," I said, "I was so bored before you cam that everything is all clean, so we don't have to do anything."
  11. At seven forty-five I dismissed Gwen and gathered my things. There were technically fifteen minutes left, so I got onto the small stage that had a piano. I admired the nice shape it was in and played a chord. In tune, too. Before I knew it, I was playing every Disney song I knew and singing along. Luckily, there was a Disney piano book so I wouldn't have to go a capella. I checked the time and it was eight fifteen. I played one more verse. I stopped and sighed. Then I heard applause and someone said, "Bravo! Bravo!"

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