Supernatural (Part Five)

Take this quiz if you are a person that likes suspense, action and maybe a little bit of romance. One of my first and my best fan is BlackandWhite, he/she was the very first to comment and take this quiz.

Please take this quiz, I worked hard on it, like my other quizes I made. If you take this quiz and end up with a result you don't like try again, and again, and again! Please comment and rate this quiz!

Created by: Sup9877

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  1. You wake up for school and get ready. There was something different at school today, Carter and his friends weren't here.
  2. After days, weeks and month of Carter not being at school, you get worried. After school you went home as fast as you could and you picked up the phone and called the hospital. "Hello?" says a woman "Hey. Do you know anybody in the hospital named Carter?" "Who is Carter?" "What do you mean who's Carter? He was at the hospital the last time I saw him." She hesitated for a moment and said "Well...he WAS here, I just checked up on him yesterday and then the next day, he disappeared...and left a big pigsty in our room." You suddenly hang up and start thinking about Carter and his friends, Ella, Rose, Seth and Gray. Then suddenly the boy with the ruby eyes pops in your mind and you start to remember about the fight you and your friends had, fire everywhere and that man standing before you. You remember his words: "Don't you remember me?" You then suddenly remember that he ALSO had glowing red eyes.
  3. You wake up the next day for school. Once you were there you see a new kid, he had black cropped spiky hair and it was pretty brown in the light, he is a little muscular, broad shoulders, brown-golden eyes and he seemed to be looking at you, flashing a crooked smile, but with sad eyes. He seemed to be tense at the same time. There was something about him that made you shudder.
  4. The teacher announced: "Hello class, we have a new student, Sage, please stand up so we know who you are. He stood and smiled, the girls in the class were looking at him, dazed, like he was the most beautiful person they have ever seen.
  5. He sits in front of you and so on you continue on with your day and you can't resist just looking at him once more. While you are looking at him, he suddenly turns around and glares at you,he looked disgruntled, mad, tense, and aggressive, he was kind of squinting his, now, ruby red eyes. You wanted to look away from his glare but his eyes abruptly turned coal black. "Sage keep your attention up on the board!" says the teacher. He whipped his head around to face the teacher, his attention occupied. You felt tense, afraid, your fists were trembling. You were still distracted by his glare, but you soon regained focus.
  6. You got home and you felt like napping, you weren't looking forward to going to school tomorrow because of...him, Sage. You wished you knew more about him, to know more about his life. He seemed like an interesting guy.
  7. At school you come in and sit at your desk and start studying, you notice that Sage is not at his desk. A few hours later he comes in, late. He sat down at his desk and you get back to your work. Minutes later you start to look at him, he was tense, shaking, trembling, twitching and mumbling something so quiet that you couldn't hear and he was sweating. His hands were tapping on his desk like mad.
  8. "Ok, class it's time for gym!" said the teacher. We had to run 7 laps around the school, at our very last lap some girl in my class tripped and scraped her knee badly, it was oozing a lot of blood. Everybody was surrounding her, Sage was in the very back. The girl was blubbering like a baby, the teacher tried to calm her, there was so much chaos that no one saw Sage suddenly leave the school, running like a cheetah, he was a blur. He was right there and in a sudden gust of wind...he was gone.
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