Super Spice quiz

The Spice Girls are Awesome British girls with spunk and style but each one is separate and has completely different personalities and tastes.Many people can relate to one or more of these girls.

But which one do YOU relate the most? Will it be Sporty, or Scary? Maybe you don't know which Spice Girl your are more alike. But this Quiz will match you up with your Spice mate!

Created by: John Diniz
  1. If an old lady was crossing the street and she asked you to escort her, what would you say?
  2. If you went to the movies what kind of movie would you watch?
  3. pick a color!
  4. How do people respond when they meet you?
  5. Would you like to be leader?
  6. you go to the store, and buy what?
  7. If you were to die your hair, what color?
  8. what best describes yourself:
  9. Your hungry so you eat:
  10. have you ever hurt anyone?

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