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    whovian1 Dec 10 '14, 4:30PM
  • 36%.. wow that's bad but this quiz is really hard...

    whovian1 Dec 10 '14, 4:26PM
  • i got 51%....hey i'm not a dork, but, hehe.........

    grandpasimpson Apr 29 '12, 12:24PM
  • 74 pecent and i didnt play that game scice like last year or more

    wizzy will Aug 24 '11, 8:18PM
  • 23%... Yep, I suck.

    Creep Feb 16 '11, 3:09PM
  • 33 wah

    Kevinshiyuwang Sep 6 '10, 6:01PM
  • wow i got 40% i guess i rely suck but this quiz was super hard.

    KawaiiKoneko63 Jan 12 '09, 10:43AM
  • how sad...

    tractor 01 Oct 19 '08, 8:58AM
  • Oh nice. I got 80 something percent without even checking. :D
    Not that I care about Melee now.

    mariofan Jul 12 '08, 9:29PM
  • There should be a 'go' between the 'can' and 'actually' in my last comment.

    Evil Lord Inthiyr Jan 23 '08, 1:41PM
  • Actually, Ganondorf is slower than Bowser......Bowser can actually relatively fast when running, but Ganondorf can't, Bowser is a faster jumper, and maybe the two are equal in walking speed, but Ganondorf certainly isn't faster.

    Evil Lord Inthiyr Jan 23 '08, 1:40PM
  • I got a 85%...But I didn't consult my game.

    nintendork Nov 30 '07, 8:24PM
  • im the biggest fan soo hahaha!!!

    lil rachel Nov 5 '07, 5:57PM
  • i just guessed on some and got an 83%

    airmastr Nov 1 '07, 9:17PM

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