Spongebob Tiny Details quiz

A lot of people watch spongebob...... But how many really have decent knowledge about him and his friends???? This quiz will let you know if you have that knowledge!!!

Test your knowledge here and see if you know the bikini bottom yellow square friendly im ready super cool crazy stupid lovable dude we all know as spongebob squarepants

Created by: Cuzin mergen

  1. When spongebob feels gary is lonely what is the name of the pet he buys to keep gary company?
  2. "i will now infiltrate your mind with subliminal messages" Spongebob says this to gary when he is trying to get him to ----
  3. When patrick gets his nose what are two good things he smells?
  4. What is the 'useful tool' that spongebob and patrick use when stranded?
  5. When trapped in an air vent, spongebob considers himself a leader. What does he decide to wear because of these?
  6. Patrick does a series of dangerous stunts due to...
  7. Fill in the missing word------- "Alright, which one of you ____ stole my lollipop?"
  8. When spongebob Can't stop singing a song, what is the name of the song and what disease does he have?
  9. What is wrong with the soap pearl uses when she gets barnacles?
  10. Hibernation is a _____ thing

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