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  • With your best days firmly in your past, and redemption either achieved or no longer possible age is now about legacy. How do you want to be remembered? You have reached the age where you dont have to prove yourself to society any more, you can be as unfiltered and uncensored as you please. Why hold your tongue, you dont have time to be polite. This is truth time. Do you go about reliving the glory days? Build up that zenith you have achieved before? If youre like Duvall, you let the silence speak for you. Dont take the Marlon Brando or Clint Eastwood route; a former shell of yourself, puffing up hot air as something of value and jeopardizing your legacy. Let your body of work be evidence itself, say little as possible to maintain the mystery and let the legacy youve lived to achieve build up in the minds of others


  • I got Painfully Mature, I sure do hope that I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but at the moment is seems like I haven't got a minute of free time.

  • I got Painfuuly Mature. Ok, weird, considering I'm in my teens, not my forties or fifties! Ok, um, not sure it's that accurate...

  • the sun has set!! nooo.. wait i have a lot to offer yet.. i'm only 15


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