Spell of love...4

Thanks For those that gave me comments!!! Sky: blond hair, blue eyes. Chris: Blong hair, green eyes. John golden brown hair and black eyes. Austin: brown hair and grey eyes Drake: black hair and ocean blue eyes! 

Thanks For those that gave me comments!!! Sky: blond hair, blue eyes. Chris: Blong hair, green eyes. John golden brown hair and black eyes. Austin: brown hair and grey eyes Drake: black hair and ocean blue eyes! !!!

Created by: singin234

  1. (recap: I woke to a smiling face...I knew too well. "AMANDA" I yelled) Infront of my was a puppy. I pick her up "Aw you so ctue" I said. Austin woke and saw the puppy "It's cute but who gave it to you?" he asked me. I
  2. Didn't really know myself and Amanda came in smiling but then she bust into tears and huged me "Amanda!! Oh my are you ok?" I asked hugging her back, she pushed away tears "Oh Ally! You know I am going to the U.S.A, school is over today!! We say 'goodbye' FOREVER" she sobbed, I stared crying too! How could I forget "So you got me the puppy" I asked pulling away. She stood my the door and looked up at the roof "Nope" she said and left. My mouth hanged open and Austin laughed. He was now dressed and packing my BAGS?!?!?!? I stood up and got ready for school, taking the puppy with me.
  3. I walked into School with the puppy at my heels, lucky they let pets into the school. Everyone smiled when the darling little thing went past them. I smiled down at the puppy (that is a girl) I picked her up "you need at name don't you" I said talking to her. Names went by in my head Amy... kate... Shelly...No no...Um....Daisy "okay your name is now Daisy" I told the puppy. She barked in happyness and I laughed. My smile faded when I walked past the evil monster...John
  4. He looked at me coldly and sadly. I walked right past him, even Daisy was scared of him. I patted her and whispered "It's okay" I walked down the hall, I was early it was only 7:30 and my frist class stared at 8:00. Then Drake came up to me and hugged me "so you like the puppy?" He asked me, My mouth droped open and he laughed "Yeah, I gave it to you!!" he said. With the puppy in one hand I hugged Drake, Daisy kisses his nose. I smiled so much my mouth stared to hurt!! He laughed "What did you name it?" he asked standing so close to me. "Daisy, It's SOOO cute!!" Then Drake leaned into kiss me and (okay I could NOT think of anything) BAM!! (I think you can guess what happens, but I will tell you anyway) John pushed Drake into a wall. Daisy stared crying "Oh it's okay" I said patting her "John!!" I yelled
  5. John punched Drake in the head, "Drake" I gasped running to him. I only got pushed back by John. Me and Dasiy slid across the floor and onto a wall. It hurt so much I sat down. Daisy wasn't hurt but she licked my face as everything went black. The last thing I saw was John and Drake both looking at me!
  6. *DRAKE'S SRORY* I looked at her as she closed her blue eyes. I punched John and ran over to her. I picked her up in my arms and ran out of the school, I made sure Daisy didn't fall out of her arms. John came with me, I was running away from him. I got to the park and put her on the grass.
  7. *back to you* I woke to see 2 worried faces, I backed away slowly. My head hurt from when I fell back on the wall, John stared coldly at me again. I felt like punching the bloodily hell out of him. I clang onto Drake and Daisy moved around in my arms wanting to get away. John steped forward and Drake punched him. This time in the face. "Drake!!" I cried as the was punching John amd John just let it happen. "Stop!! Stop!!! Please" I cried getting up. Austin and Sky grabed them, I looked at John. He had blood coming out of his lip. I looked down at Dasiy who looked like she was going to cry again...like me. I could not take it, I just ran and ran deeper into the forest. Then I ran smack into....
  8. The guy that saved you (frist quiz, 1st question I made!!) His name is Caleb (is that how you spell it?) He was the only thing I have right now, He was only 2 Years older than me. I fell into his arms, that were strong and warm. He was a Wearwolf, I stared crying. Dasiy did too!!! Caleb stroked face with one of his smooth fingers. I looked up at him and half smiled, the looked right behind me and so I turned around to see.....
  9. Sky, Austin, Drake and John. I was still holding Caleb's arm. John looked at the ground and Caleb's eyes were on John. Like everyone's eyes, even Dasiys were on John. I looked up at the sky and stared talking "you know, I dont care if he wanted to kill me" I said everyone looked at me but I kept going. "he was right, you know. You guys don't get it!! You can't judge a book by it's cover, that's what you do to me. I don't think you know that, so thank yu John! For making it easier to say goodbye to you all" I stoped and looked at their shocked faces before running away....
  10. I ran so far and fast they didn't know where I was, Hey I don't know where I was. I stared running again and ran smack into some one.... (WHO DO YOU LOVE)

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