Sorting hat quiz!!!

This is a Hogwarts sorting hat test, if you do not know what a Hogwarts Storting is then I'll tell you. One house is Ravenclaw, the other one is slytherin and the other one is Hufflepuff and also griffondor!

Lots of people want to be in Gryffondor, but many don't make it. You should take this test to see if you are in Gryffondor! Well, have fun, and cross your fingers for gryffondor!

Created by: Doby of
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  1. What would you rather be?
  2. Wich order do like the best?
  3. What you want your patrons to be?
  4. Which path would you go on?
  5. Which would you rather be in?
  6. Which pet would you rather have?
  7. Which vine would you climb?
  8. What tail do you prefer?
  9. Which kind of friend would you want?
  10. What house do you want to be in?

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