Sonic the hedgehog Role play

This is role play of Sonic the hedgehog! You can love Tails, Sonic, or eat eggs like a barbarically mad animal ! Have fun if you take mah quiz! Now feel the wrath of eggs(or hedgehogs and foxes).

Why do you hate Sonic? Good job on hating Eggman! Which one will you get(or will you even finish the quiz with out too much cringe from my toes view of a bird?)

Created by: Axtive Gacha

  1. You walk to
  2. You see Sonic and Tails and walk over to them.Sonic:Oh! Hi-
  3. You:what are you doing?Sonic:Trying to stop Eggman!
  4. You go through (the zone your in)You:*in your mind*
  5. In the next question pick the boss the zone has (this won’t effect your answer)
  6. Eggman comes with a giant ball on chains connected to his weird plane
  7. Eggman comes with a weird hole in the bottom of his plane thing and it starts dropping fire, and the fire spreads and falls of of the platforms
  8. Eggman comes with a car with a drill on the front
  9. Eggman comes! His plane thing has a jar that collects a blue substance that hurts! He turns it over so it falls into Sonic
  10. You get through the 3rd Sonic 2 zone. Eggman comes and his plane thing has a hammer
  11. Two weird pillars come up blocking your way. Then Eggman hits the top of one with his hammer and it shoots an arrow at Sonic.
  12. Sonic:I hate casinos(Your at casino night zone)
  13. Eggman came and his plane thing had a weird claw that try’s to hit you and produces balls that hurt you
  14. Tails:Let me think...Sonic:I’ll just spindas---ails:WAIT NO-
  15. Soon you are in oil ocean
  16. Why would you put fire in the oil !?
  17. Sonic:why are you so scared Tails?Tails:Once the platforms that fell had me on it and the oil never stopped going and I couldn’t drown!
  18. After the boss cause I can’t spell
  19. Sonic:I NEED TO GET TO THE SHIP!!!
  20. You walk around in the death egg zone
  21. The death Egg robot comes
  22. After you finish you and Sonic are falling back to earth!Ahh the get the chaos emeralds game.

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