Sonic Adventure Quiz

This is the Sonic Adventure Quiz. If you have not played Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, you should not take this quiz. I advise you, this quiz is NOT for those with mental retardation, ADD, etc. This quiz will more than likely be based on your memory, so try your best!

You are the quiz taker, and you are the one who's destiny you.... What? Okay, now. You will learn just how good of a Sonic fan you are. When I finish the SA2 quiz, you should take that, too! GOOD LUCK! I hope you do great! I'm just taking up space right now. Thank you for reading.

Created by: N-Master
  1. Who is Sonic's 3rd boss?
  2. What is the name of the city area in Sonic Adventure?
  3. Which Adventure Field contains the level Lost World?
  4. Tails' storyline consists of how many bosses?
  5. Chaos is:
  6. Which of these levels is actually a mini game?
  7. How many emeralds did Eggman have at the end of Sonic's story?
  8. Which of these characters is actually seen in the game, and unlockable?
  9. Metal Sonic and Robo-Sonic are found:
  10. Knuckles is unlockable after:
  11. Getting 20 emblems unlocks (SADX):
  12. There are how many playable characters?
  13. Which of these characters cannot be used?
  14. How many emblems are in Sonic Adventure?
  15. How many hits does the Egg Viper take to defeat?
  16. In the present time, who is Tikal?
  17. Who is Big's only boss?
  18. Amy has a friend named Birdie who is related to what game?
  19. Who is Tails' final boss?
  20. The final boss, Perfect Chaos, takes how many hits to beat?

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