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  • Okay, i've been listing all the quiz series i've missed over the summer that are not known to me. So now it's Somehow I'm Alive and Somehow they're alive.... it's going to be a longggg night of reading :3 By the looks of it, it seems awesome. *rubs hands togeter* now for part two. Oh gosh .-. I'm going to have crazy dreaming tonight. I'll comment when i'm done with all so far. I love your writing even though i JUST read part 1. hehe, okay, i'll just go get some of mah pancakes...and start reading. I'll comment when i'm done which will be a long time. Sooo... sorry if the comment will be very late. *gets under the blankets with computer* this is going to be a long ride. Okay, sorry, just wanted you to know i'll read then.

  • This part was SO good! Like seeing the conflict in Jaslina's and Landon's minds, it makes them seem so real. Plus I am glad Landon is trying to be nice, although it's obviously hard for him... Keep going, I hope they get to Jaslina's dad before anything happens :/

  • Awww,no comments. :( This is painful. Please leave some comments :P

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!


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