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  • GO JASLINA!!! well done for having the guts to stick by your religion! She and Ryan are totally convincing characters and you write really really well :D I've just discovered your series and read it write through, it's amazing! Can't wait for the next part :D

  • NEXT PART, NEXT PART, NEXT PART, NEXT PART!!!! and I soooo totally get the whole exam thing, they suck!!!! But luckily, I only had to take one and now I'm on summer break. It's like the 3rd week for me. Well, anyways, awesome part, can't wait for the next :D

  • Please make the next part soon or 80% of your fans will die of suspensionitis.By the way I totally love this series.

  • I like your quiz ms.topaz but i think that you are being offensive towards muslim

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