Someday nothing will be left for us (part 8)

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Part 8 is here. Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy yourselves and have a fun time. Please comment. It really gives me courage to put these out there. Thank you for taking my quiz series and I hope you have fun!

Chotto yogoreta suutsukeesu wo motte. Nani mo shirazu ni sora kara orita. Chizu no mokou, koko ni sanjouri. Yume ni mita akogare no basho. Yeah, yeah, yeah! *yeah yeah yeah* The rock city boy! (Rock City boy Jamil)

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "So we summon Michael and might be able to save him?" you say suming everything up. "Pretty much.....Okay I'll need your help.....say these for me. Then I'll say these." Cole says. You nod looking at the words. Jake, Maddison and Jared came in. "What are you guys- Cali?" Jared says in shock when he sees you. "Long story.....but we are inviting a friend over," you say. "If he's still our friend.....Okay...ready set....go!" Cole says. You two whisper strange words. You understand their meanings. It meant "Come to us Chao's minion," continuosly. You knew it wouldn't work for some reason so you say different words. Cole stops. "Cali those arn't the words in the book..." he says. You say in the different language "Come my servent. Sacifice of chao's. Purest and innocent you may still be. Come to me your master." A light shines in the room. Shaking the walls. "Whats going on!?" Jared asks.
  2. Then appears a small figure. Wait did it have wings? You then see a beautiful bird. With crystal blue eyes, glowing silver feathers. Michael's phoenix. "What? Where is he?" you say with surprise and concern. You look at the bird. And notice something different about the bird. There was blood on it's feathers. Fear filled it's eyes. "What is that?" Cole asks. "Michael's bird...Light...Light where is Michael?" you say. Feeling stupid talking to a bird. The bird screeches. Worse then the voices in your head. You felt like killing yourself. Then you realize that a person and their phoenis have a special connection. Creating a mini link to each other. So if one is hurt. So is the other. "Do you know where Michael is?" you ask. "Cali whats going on?" Maddison asks with fear in her voice. "Chaos...." you hear Michael's voice through the bird. "Chaos.....So I was right.....Michael are you speaking through this bird?" Cole asks. "No," the nird replies in a more female voice. "Call him here please!" the bird pleads.
  3. You say the words again. Trying to speak louder then the screeching bird. Finally another light appears. Showing a taller figure. You then see Michael. "Michael!" you say. About to run and hug him. But he just falls. "Michael? Michael?!" you shake him. "Is he alright?" Maddison asks. "I'm not sure. Michael?!" Cole asks. Slapping his face. You notice that blood is all over him. You hear him breath heavily. Blood was coming from his mouth. "MICHAEL!!!" you cry. The bird walks limly over to him and a light glows. Michael slowly opens his eyes. "Your alright man. Thats-" Cole was saying but Michael jumps up and shoots a ball of light at the wall by the mirror. "Get away!" he yells. "Michael!" you say. "Hey, calm down," Jake says calmly. Michael looks at him carefully. You notice his eyes are grey instead of white. Then the grey faded away and they were back to pure white. "I'm sorry....." he says. "Hey you remember me?" Cole asks. Michael nods. "Yes, you the people who gave Cayaha the name Cali. Also tieing her up and ignored her for a while...." he says coldly.
  4. "Yeah sorry about that. Um thanks for the glasses. They helped a lot," Cole says. "You shouldn't have summoned me here.....this is a strange world...." he says looking through the hole he created through the wall. "Strange? Your world is strange. It has a purple sky!" Cole says. "Getting off topic here," Jake says. "Right!" you say a little too enthusiastic. You get that way when Michael and you are around other people. "Michael are you with Chaos?" you ask. "Yes, but she could track me back here from where I came from," Michael says. "Great another weird chick from a different world," Jared rolls his eyes. Michael looks at him and says "If you havn't heared from these two, Cayaha and I come from a parallel universe. Similar to your own. Like twins in fact except for different colors and Chaos isn't someone to play around with," Michael says.
  5. "Calm down you two," Maddison says. "You know Cali, where she's from and such. Can you tell us what happened?" Jake says. Michael looks down, "I'm not sure. Only if I was ordered to in a specific way..." "Ordered to? By Chaos?" Cole asks. " you Cayaha," Michael says. "What? How could I order you around?" you say with surprise. "I can't do things willing. I must be ordered by you. Thats one of the reasons Chaos hasn't been able to fully control me.....not yet at least..." Michael says gravely. "How am I suppose to order you?" you ask. "Your memories really are only partially regained...." Michael says. "Can you at least give us some information until Cali has fully regained her memory. Yes, luckily my phoenix Light and I are linked. She can give you more information then I could. But not all because she doesn't know that much human words," Michael sratches the bird's neck. "Can't you teach her more words or learn her language?" Jared asks. "It takes a life time to fully understand Light's kind language. It takes a normal bird years to learn it," Michael explains. "You say this is a phoenix....why isn't it uh bigger? Or firey red or oragne or yellow?" Jared asks getting near the bird. The bird chips at him. "Don't insult Light. And Light watch your beak," Michael says.
  6. "Okay can you tell her to give some information?" Cole asks finally. "Yeah she probably heard most of the conversation. Light can you tell them what I can't tell?" Michael says. "Well where to start.....Cayaha we probably should talk one on one alone after this. But remember the new moon celebration?" the bird says in a beautiful voice. A young beautiful female choir voice. You nod. "Good, the letter I gave you. We were ambused by Chaos.....taken and captured...." the bird explains. "AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!?" you yell at Michael. "I didn't want to worry you. Besides I didn't know it was Chaos until I was captured," Michael shrugs. "YOU HAVN'T CHANGED AT ALL!! Always taking the risk. About to die. Why did you join Union Corps? Heck why did I let you join!?" you felt like slapping Michael. "Can I continue?" the bird asks. "Oh yeah sure..." you say noticing everyone staring at you. "We got ambushed and you went to look for us. And-" the bird was saying until it started to chip again. You got confused at the last chip and one before that. "Uh thanks Light...." you say. The bird nods.
  7. "I'm sorry thats all we can give you..." Michael says. "It's better then nothing right?" you say. " is...." Michael says. "So are you going to stay?" Maddison asks. "That spell will keep me here until I am told to go back by the spell casters or something else interfers with it...." Michael explains. "I'm so confused..." Jared says. "I can't leave unless I choose or the spell casters tell me so," Michael says. "So your staying! Another bottomless stomach to feed....great..." Maddison says. "I don't eat that much," Michael says.
  8. Michael left to take a shower. Leaving you with Jake, Jared, and Cole. Maddison left to make lunch. "So new guy with creepy white eyes.....I say he's a phantom...." Jared says. "Shut your pie hole Jared," Jake says serious, "I sense, a strange feeling from him...." "What do you mean?" you ask. "First off your eyes are now silver and your hair is dark. You two summon him and talk about some person named Chaos. For the little information we are given you must know a lot and know about the warehouse. For all I know you could be our enemy," Jake says. "I knew it!" Jared says. "Your just being idiotic. You have a lot of explaining to do. Once all of your memories returned," Jake says sternly. "Hey don't go ganging up on-" Cole was saying but Jake then says "Cole I know you like Cali and your feelings for her but Chaos doesn't sound too friendly. Especially after what I saw with the talking bird. You should know that. You of all people."
  9. Cole looks at Jake. He looks down taking it in. "Jake you were kind of harsh...." Jared says with surprise. "I'm just stating the facts and possibilties on the little information that I know," Jake says, "I hope you don't take any offence to it Cali." He looks at you. You shake your head "It's alright. Besides I'm barely trying to adjust to getting my memories back. But the one thing I do know is I would never do anything to hurt you guys," you say.
  10. *Away form your POV* (Michael's) I stared at myself through the mirror. My white eyes turned grey. I backed away. I know what she's doing. That Chaos goddess. I don't care what she does to me but she better not do anything to hurt Cayaha. Though last time I saw Cayaha with all of her memories she wasn't the same. Unless I wasn't there for her more often. I felt like punching the glass, showing my reflection. Light flew on my bloody shoulder. Nudging me with her beak. "It's alright Light.....can you promise me something?" I say to her in the phoenix's language. She turned her head to the side. "Can you protect Cayaha after it happens?" I ask.

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