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Well, please just bare with me and read this. I submitted it for a grade at my school. I got a 100%, but I wanna see if I still earn that grade with a wider audience then my English 9R teacher.

So, please, leave the grade you would give me and your opinion of this in the comments. Thanks! Now, why don't you go read it? Hmm? Does that sound good?

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Imagine soaring through the air. Floating through the clouds. Feeling the wind lift your invincible wings higher and higher. Closing your eyes, flying, feeling the warm sun beat down on your smiling face. Feeling power, hope, so strong you could burst. You don't want it to be a dream. It's not a dream. This is my world. My reality.
  2. 1. I woke up that morning feeling a sense of comfort. Well, that was definitely something hard to come by. I slowly rose from the nice, cozy, warm bed that I longed to return to. But since I knew I couldn't I just slapped myself as gently as possible and walked out of the room, down the hall, and into the family room.
  3. In the kitchen, breakfast was already underway. Sky, Rubin, and DeLacy were cooking. Okay, well, Sky and Lacy were cooking, but Rubin was just breathing down their necks and insulting their abilities. So, nothing out of the ordinary. Zephyr and Pixie sat at the table, playing with the silverware that Raven had probably placed out for everybody. Griffin and Willow sat on the couch watching cartoons. God bless Cartoon Network. "Good morning, friends," I said though a yawn. "Sup, Jade?" asks Rubin as he looks up from DeLacy's attempt at pancakes. I rolled my eyes as he turned back to insulting pancake batter. "She's only 13. Give her a break," Sky said to Rubin before turning to me, "Good morning, Jade. Have a good rest?" he asked, formal as ever.
  4. He was different from the rest of us. He was delicate...emotionally. Unlike us, he had been abused by his parents. They had realized he was a freak and kicked him out. They thought they still loved him, but they didn't love him enough to keep him. So they said some pretty nasty stuff to get him to leave. They hit him with a broom, like an animal. He was too far jaded for a 17-year-old guy. WAIT. HOLD. THE. PHONE. You have NO idea what I'm talking about, do you? Well, allow me to elaborate, to....enlighten you, to....shine some light on the subject, to....Okay, I'll stop.
  5. Okay, well, about 2 and a half years ago, there was this...unfortunate...lab accident. Me and my friends were all there when it happened. We were there with our school, Normichael Academy for the Gifted, on a field trip. They were showing us how to fuse the DNA of an animal and a human when something...burst. The DNA vial seriously just....okay, this is gonna make me sound kuckoo, but I'm not joking, the vial legitimately exploded, the contents falling on to me and my friends, none of whom I knew at the time, except my big bro, Rubin. The liquid literally melted right into our skin. And we didn't give it another thought until our shirts started getting tight on the back, our backs hurt like hell, and we could suddenly understand what the heck those birds were singing about at 3-o'clock in the morning!
  6. One day, we noticed something growing on our backs. They were little, knobby things, about three inches out. After a while, being the geniuses we were, we finally figured it out. We were growing wings. And something else. Now, don’t freak out. Promise you won’t? Okay, well we each developed...powers (I guess the bird DNA was mixed with MERMAID DNA) . Like for instance, I can teleport, and shape-shift. Sky can read minds. Rubin knows everything. Literally. I’m not implieing that he’s a smart Alec. I mean it literally.Throw any vocab word or question you want at him, he knows it. He also knows what could possibly happen in the future. But it’s uncertain. He’s almost like a fortune teller.....that can give you only a possibility of your future. As for Zephyr, well, he can levitate objects and people.
  7. Which he does on a daily basis, which was the thing that got him voted “Most Annoying 16-Year-Old in the World”. Pixie, who never would even be considered for that award, can see and speak with the dead. She can see the future, which kind of puts Rubin to shame. Lacy can enhance or take away your senses. Griffin can turn invisible and see things that are invisible. Willow can see inside your head. She sees your thoughts, what you are currently looking at, etc. And we all can fly, with our gigantic wings, which grew to be like, fifteen feet to ten feet, depending on your age. But only 18-year-old Rubin had the fifteen-footers.
  8. About two days after the growing of our wings, we tried to contact everyone we thought was also exposed to the DNA. That’s how we found each other. But still. Pixie didn’t wait around to see if her parents thought she was a freak, she just got up one morning, left her house, and never came back. Sky, however, waited two days before meeting us at the rendezvous point. Sky is careful, to this day, no to get too attached to a person so that if they end up betraying him or hurting him emotionally, he would be too badly wounded. Sky is my best friend. “Yup. I almost didn't want to get out of bed,” I replied, giving him a smile. I always had to be careful with that guy..... Zephyr then perked up.
  9. “What are you talking about? You never want to get out of bed. You’d probably rather sleep in and have us bring you your traditional 7 meals a day,” He said, wincing as I slapped him. “Ow,” he muttered. I gave him a look that said 'Well, that’s what you get.' “Okay, okay, as much as I am enjoying this, I think you should stop for now, Jade. Who knows? You may want to slap him upside the head in a few minutes. I wouldn’t waste my energy,” said Sky, stepping in-between Zephyr and I. I nodded in consent and walked a few paces away to Rubin, still struggling with Lacy’s ‘food’. “Ugh. Ru-BIN! Give me the flippin’ pancake!” I said, because he was now trying to add salt. He gladly handed me the pan as I entered the kitchen. I didn't really know what to do, so I just zapped it. Now, in the pan before me, sat a pancake that looked so delicious I wanted to gobble it up right then and there. Me and my shape-shifting abilities. We also do Zephyr’s face, other foods, and the T.V.
  10. 2. “Oh. My. God,” said Rubin, mouth agape at the perfect buttermilk slab of deliciousness, which now sat on DeLacy’s purple plate. He watched her take it to the table and cover it in syrup as I looked at it with a look of satisfaction and triumph no doubt on my face. “You should have just asked me in the first place, Rubin,” I said, feeling a mischievous smile come on to my face. “I didn't think it was a good idea to ask a girl that can teleport to fix a pancake. She might send it to China,” he said, rubbing his temples, trying not to freak out. I mean, jeez Rubin. It’s just a pancake. I can make you another one... “Well, apparently, you were wrong. Now, Jade? Could possibly make more pancakes? I’m STARVING!” asked Zephyr. I cackled evilly. “Why of course, my pretties!” Then I walked over to the fridge and brought out the box of frozen waffles that no one was going to eat. Oh, right. We’re just kids. How did we get all this food? Um, well, lets just say, if anyone found out how we got all our food, we’ll have criminal records. But lets not dwell on where was I? Oh right. The box of waffles. I took a couple dozen out and then put my hands over them in a really mystical, creepy, I’m-a-scary-witch way.
  11. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the pancake I had made before. I heard a small zap. I slowly opened my eyes, fearing I had turned the waffles into charcoal. But instead, I saw a gigantic plateful of beautiful pancakes. “Yes!” I said, pumping my fist in the air. “Nice job, Jade!” said Pixie appreciatively as I took a bow. Everyone flocked to the table as I set the pancakes and plates on the table. And THIS is why I’m the leader and not Rubin. Later that day, Willow and Griffin sidled up to me, crafty smiles on their little faces. “Okay. What did you break,” I asked them, point blank. They quickly lost the mischievous look (I guess it was just a habit) and looked at each other quickly, possibly having a silent conversation. Finally, Willow stepped forward.
  12. "We were thinking, and it's been awhile since we went out flying, just for fun," she said in a soothing voice, although I wasn't mad. I nodded, implying I wanted to hear more. It came out in a rush. "Jadecanwepleasegooutflying?" "Come again? And this time in English, if you don't mind!" "Jade, can we PLEASE go out flying?" she said, getting anxious now. "Sure kiddo," I said and she beamed. Five minutes latest, we were all ready. We took off, flying towards the nearby city.
  13. Imagine soaring through the air. Floating through the clouds. Feeling the wind lift your invincible wings higher and higher. Closing your eyes, flying, with the warm sun beating down on your smiling face. Feeling power, hope, so strong, you could burst. You don't want it to be a dream. It’s not a dream. This is my world. My reality.

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