So you think you know Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus. You have probably heard that name alot! Miley is a 16 year old teen pop star, who stars in Disney Channel's hit TV show, Hannah Montana. She auditioned when she was 11, but they rejected her. Then she auditioned again, and yay! She got the part! Go Miley!

But do you know Miley Cyrus. Are you a true fan, or just someone who's taking this quiz because you just figured out who she is. Fifteen questions. Do you have what it takes to answer them all??

Created by: hannahmfans

  1. When was Miley born?
  2. Which came first, singing or speaking?
  3. Who is Miley's idol?
  4. When does Hannah Montana taping take place?
  5. What is Miley's favourite sport?
  6. What is Miley's hobby?
  7. Who is Miley's BFF?
  8. How many siblings does Miley have?
  9. What is Miley's favourite scent?
  10. One of Miley's fears are:
  11. What is Miley's fav flower?
  12. What is Miley's fav book?
  13. What kind of cuisine does Miley luv?
  14. What are Miley's fav colours?
  15. What are Miley's fav animals?

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