So You Think You Can Be Greek?

Every folk is different, but all of them are great!!! People come with different habits and so do the Greek ones! They may seem a little extreme to some people, but they feel familiar to us.

I decided to put together a test about the greek habits. I put the most exessive answers in these question, so even Greeks may not get a perfect score in this test! Have fun! :)

Created by: Lady_Winchester

  1. While cooking you found out ran out of eggs. You:
  2. You have a trip planned. When do you prepare your luggage?
  3. When you want to meet a friend
  4. You have visitors at your house. It's 7pm.
  5. How many hours do you spend drinking coffee?
  6. Is it ok for a friend to open your fridge?
  7. When did your mother started asking you to get married and have kids?
  8. Is it ok when a friend calls you "malaka"?
  9. Do you ever have the urge to feed everyone who comes over to your place?
  10. Is it ok to drink ouzo at 11 am?
  11. When you have a fight with your family
  12. "open my wallet and take money for the pizza"
  13. Your neighbor is having sex
  14. When you catch a cold, your mother:
  15. When you make dinner
  16. Do you believe in "mati" (evil eye)?
  17. Do you like souvlaki?
  18. LAST QUESTION Do you want an "open palm award"?

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